Millennials Try Aeropostale in 2021 *it still exists?!*

  • Published on: 17 October 2021
  • Do you remember wearing Aeropostale?! We're going back to the past and trying AERO again! Next, watch as we round up halloween costumes from under $20 from WISH! ►►
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    What We Wore!
    Long Sleeve Seriously Soft Laced-Back Cropped Baby Tee -
    Solid Cropped Sweater Vest -
    ‘90s Super High-Rise Straight Hemp Jean -
    Premium Air ‘90s Mid-Rise Skater Jean -
    Similar -
    High-Rise Thermal Sleep Shorts -
    Long Sleeve Thermal Cropped Sleep Henley -
    Slouchy High-Rise Cinched Sweatpants -
    Baggy High-Rise Cinched Sweatpants -
    Seriously Soft Acid Wash Thermal Snap Cropped Tank -
    Floral High-Waisted Notch Skirt -
    Seriously Soft Seamless Notch-Neck Crop Top -
    Floral Sweetheart Bustier Midi Dress -
    Real Denim High-Rise Mini Skirt -
    Flocked Rose Graphic Tee -
    Seriously Soft High-Rise Crossover Leggings -
    Seriously Soft Scoop-Neck Cropped Cami -
    Plaid Flannel Buttoned Shirt Jacket -
    Plaid High-Waisted Tennis Skirt -
    Similar Cardigan -
    Seriously Soft Cropped Bungee Cami -
    High-Rise Seamless Leggings -

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  • Runtime : 20:23
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  • Clevver Style
    Clevver Style   3 months ago

    Where should we shop next on our nostalgia clothing tour??

  • Mary
    Mary   2 weeks ago

    When Jackie was actually right about the pronunciation (not when she was joking but when she was really talking about it lol)

  • AugIsDumb
    AugIsDumb   1 months ago

    ok as someone who works at aeropostale, everyone freaking out about the price... no the price isn't that much. it's all 50-70% off and the leggings aren't all work out ones (they are cozy & comfy ones) also the jackets actually like 40$ i think lmao

  • Teresa Rose McAllister
    Teresa Rose McAllister   2 months ago

    So I hate ripped jeans. I literally only have one pair that's ripped and it's a small tear on the knee. So with that being said I don't think I could get jeans from them.

  • ally1786
    ally1786   2 months ago

    Sinead never said whether she loved it or would leave it. I feel like she would leave it but she loved so much of what she got.

  • Melissa2087
    Melissa2087   2 months ago

    Loved Aeropostale then and still do now!

  • Sea Opal The Meren
    Sea Opal The Meren   2 months ago

    Not nostalgia, but I would love for you guys to do a place called Dresslily....

  • Rachel Petrilli
    Rachel Petrilli   2 months ago

    They used to have crazy good deals back in the 2000s too. We used to have coupons for like $20 off $50 or something, and then it was like buy one get one jeans on top of it. Or 30% off hoodies, $12-$15 tees, BOGO graphic tees… I did all my school shopping there. And I was straight flossin’ first day of school ✨

  • Andie
    Andie   2 months ago

    They're ethical and good quality, worth the "sales" regardless.

  • Steph S
    Steph S   2 months ago

    Y’all are driving me crazyyyyy hahaha. It’s FRENCH. The English accented way to say the French name would be ARROW-POST-AL (like weird AL yankovich)!!!!

  • Robert Rogers
    Robert Rogers   2 months ago

    I just discovered your channel I love Jackie she is so sexy.

  • Stephanie Armer
    Stephanie Armer   2 months ago

    I have the same problem as Jackie in all my pants. I have to buy them to fit my butt and thighs but then I have a huge gap around my waist.

  • Stephanie Armer
    Stephanie Armer   2 months ago

    Where's Lauren?? Haven't seen her in a video in forever!

  • Robert Burchett
    Robert Burchett   2 months ago

    Madeline and jackie both dont bring up how "edgy" they are every 2 seconds and thats why i love them . we get it only madeline likes girly clothes but sin brings up being to edgy for things wayyyy to much

  • jlees channel
    jlees channel   3 months ago

    All the clothes look & fit great on you girls. Just always remember the clothes are supposed to fit you... you dont need to fit into the clothes. ♡

  • Elise Earle
    Elise Earle   3 months ago

    I’m literally so glad you’ve told me what that name is. I went to New York in 2015 and went into the shop didn’t have a clue what it was called but felt too much of a tourist to ask.

  • Sam Tarver
    Sam Tarver   3 months ago

    Pls stop cutting off their feet

  • Lay Ann
    Lay Ann   3 months ago

    Sorry. I cannot for any reason justify spending this kind of money on any piece of clothing. The only way I may spend $100 on a single piece of clothing is if I suddenly became a millionaire or billionaire. Otherwise, I just couldn't do it. It's crazy to me to spend this. I try to find the cheapest clothes I can. Even resorting to Salvation Army cause I just don't wanna spend even $30 on a piece of clothing. That's too expensive for me. Call me a cheap skate, but seriously, this is nuts.

  • Kristen Eller
    Kristen Eller   3 months ago

    I thought Sinead's skirt's tag was two little cutouts and honestly that would have been super cute

  • Yael Kibel
    Yael Kibel   3 months ago

    I’d love to see fall haul from target!Also could you branch out and do a video on modest-wear? I’d love to see your styles translated into modest-wear.

  • theycallmenicool
    theycallmenicool   3 months ago

    That’s crazy I remember Aeropostale jeans being so popular. I lovedddd Hollister jeans and they and GILLY HICKS are making a comeback too

  • Nitsirk
    Nitsirk   3 months ago

    Madeline mocking Jackie how she pronounces “Aeropostale” is SO obnoxious when Jackie is the only one saying it close to correct

  • napturalkassie
    napturalkassie   3 months ago

    i feel like this is repetetive but Jackie's bodddddyyyy is goooooaals

  • napturalkassie
    napturalkassie   3 months ago

    cant believe this video has been up a whole 2 days and i havent watched it. very out of character

  • Josey Steidinger
    Josey Steidinger   3 months ago

    You should do a Lulus video! They have so many cute dresses!

  • Lola Gutierrez
    Lola Gutierrez   3 months ago

    Okay but why do I actually have the first teal shirt Jackie was wearing 😂😂

  • crystal Castillo
    crystal Castillo   3 months ago

    omg I remember Bethany Mota's collection and getting her combat boots and they lasted me for YEARSSSS , this vid took me down memory lane for sure..

  • Lindsey Collier
    Lindsey Collier   3 months ago

    I loveeee Aeropostale!!!! I still buy all my sweat pants & sweat shirts there! Thats all I will wear! Best sweats 4 a short girl!

  • jalyn delrey
    jalyn delrey   3 months ago

    K so pretty much I never shopped there & I never will 😂😂

  • Tori B.
    Tori B.   3 months ago

    17:46 camel toe! 🤣