FNCS Analyst - 'The Glow Up' feat. Reiss, Panda, and Kelly Link | Fortnite Competitive

  • Published on: 21 August 2021
  • Join Reiss, Panda, and Kelly Link as they take a look at some Trios who had quite the glow up during FNCS Week 2 Qualifiers.

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  • Azka ontop
    Azka ontop   2 months ago

    Epic and so sos so super duper cool game

  • zeno_Tuby
    zeno_Tuby   2 months ago

    I hope you make the internal Download fast

  • Branson Zimmer
    Branson Zimmer   2 months ago


  • Nipa
    Nipa   2 months ago

    Next battle pass IS naruto

  • Tiff East
    Tiff East   2 months ago

    you should do a undrtale collab

  • Mohammad Haf
    Mohammad Haf   2 months ago

    I wish you still get a picarde for getaway

  • Bird_B0XER Playz
    Bird_B0XER Playz   2 months ago

    Fortnite can you please put power chord in the item shop tomorrow

  • Not gonna lie
    Not gonna lie   2 months ago

    If able but probably not can you make a Beautiful girls emote of the song made by Sean Kingston

  • Gilbert Perea
    Gilbert Perea   2 months ago

    Dear Fortnite it would be so cool for after season 7 create the new season 8 Raya and the last dragon battle pass all the characters would be Raya, Sisudatu human form and dragon form, boun, noi, tong, namari, chief benja, and an exclusive disney character rapunzel

  • Together we are Venom
    Together we are Venom   2 months ago

    I got someone you can collaborate with there YouTube channel name is wolfychu

    PTDAGOAT   2 months ago

    Epic games makes gifting battle pass chucks not money I could have got gifted 😪

  • ROXY123
    ROXY123   2 months ago

    Epic your prolly not gonna listen but can you add undertale skins

  • Mcglaven Joseph
    Mcglaven Joseph   2 months ago

    @epic games. You should make a smooth criminal MJ for the next season.

  • is Ali
    is Ali   2 months ago

    Epic pleaseeeeee bring back Bolt action sniper and scar please i do anything Please Please

  • Sanghamitra Banerjee
    Sanghamitra Banerjee   2 months ago

    Epic if you are reading this comment then pls do something for low end pcBcs even if they are playing with performance mode they are still having stutter,flickering issue and fps dropMostly on 8 gb ram but I play on 16 gb ram and am still suffering from this issue . If I play on dx11 or dx12 I am having stutters while shooting or dying, if I play on performance mode I am having flickering issues

  • 〆
      2 months ago

    متا بتنزل فورت؟

  • 🤍1notluca🤍
    🤍1notluca🤍   2 months ago

    Like this if fortnite needs to add a Harry Potter skin🧹

    *THE FALCON*   2 months ago

    Hello fornite creators if they want to improve fornite metan back to the bow

  • BK
    BK   2 months ago

    When's Africa getting servers?

  • Jamie Nascimento
    Jamie Nascimento   2 months ago

    Hey epic I was watching old fortnite and new fortnite is boring and really toxic

  • BK
    BK   2 months ago

    Please remove the UFOs🙏

  • Chris Rooks
    Chris Rooks   2 months ago

    @epicgames y'all should make the item shop free but have it like 2k21 where you build up badges

    SAYSKO   2 months ago

    Minecraft is best gta5 Is best fifa is best fortnite is floop 🤮

  • scody
    scody   2 months ago


  • EpicGamer141
    EpicGamer141   2 months ago

    Day 2 of asking for an infinity blade boss event

  • Oliver Hiyaa
    Oliver Hiyaa   2 months ago

    Add exotics to cratve pls or mithics or old items like the zappertorn

    ZOOSHI   2 months ago

    I feel like FNCS is Fortnlte World Cup, but World Cup isn't Online that's the difference.