Awkwafina’s Golf Cart Tour | Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings

  • Published on: 01 September 2021
  • Join Awkwafina on the ultimate golf cart tour on the set of #ShangChi. 🎬 Be the first to experience Marvel Studio’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” only in theaters tomorrow! Get tickets now:

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  • Runtime : 1:50
  • marvel comics Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings shang-chi shangchi shang chi awkwafina


  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark   2 days ago

    Ok now I know after watching the movie why they made her drive this thing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Andrew Butterworth
    Andrew Butterworth   5 days ago

    You can't just make up new superheroes. Are you telling me at the top of it all it's nothing but an analogy to masturbation. All that money and you STILL worry about men getting their way.

  • Spiritual Entrepreneurs

    I love her chill...I hear her and can only see her as a human version of Raya

  • 응응아니
    응응아니   1 weeks ago

    다 너무 귀엽고 샹치가좍쵝오 텐링즈는 돌아온다 돌아와라악아악

  • Ryan Explorer
    Ryan Explorer   1 weeks ago

    Wait, where was the abomination? Why wkwafina didn't interview him??

  • Miranda Pohlin
    Miranda Pohlin   1 weeks ago

    Omg honestly Awkwafina + Simu relationship here is the same as Katy and Shang-Chi hahaha love it!! <3

  • rikkunaify
    rikkunaify   2 weeks ago

    Sorry not sorry but Simu and Florian are just so 👌🏼😌🥵

  • gingerhyuk
    gingerhyuk   2 weeks ago

    He is such a amazing actor and charming man

  • gingerhyuk
    gingerhyuk   2 weeks ago

    He totally nailed the role of Wenwu

  • gingerhyuk
    gingerhyuk   2 weeks ago

    I fell in love with Tony Leung after watching Shangchi, can't believe I'm only seeing the light now after watching him for so many years 😭

  • Ken Arok
    Ken Arok   3 weeks ago

    I thought she was my Manager Zhang from Singapore 0:45

  • Muhammad Hazim
    Muhammad Hazim   3 weeks ago

    I first saw Tony Leung in Red Cliff and I'm happy to see him in Marvel movies

  • Noobz
    Noobz   3 weeks ago

    Coolest film ever

  • Vincent Manieri
    Vincent Manieri   3 weeks ago

    Can anyone tell me where she got that fire Adidas jacket from at 0:17?? Can’t find it anywhere. It’s the one she was wearing on the bus

  • Hydro Aido
    Hydro Aido   3 weeks ago

    Just saw the movie, it’s probably the best Marvel Movie.

  • Why And Co
    Why And Co   3 weeks ago

    She is such an little energy ball

  • Rhaine Boss
    Rhaine Boss   1 months ago

    Did anyone Know that Awkwafina is the voice actor of Raya and the last Dragon The movie

  • hey you
    hey you   1 months ago

    i never thought that Awkwafina will join the MCU Team

  • saturn berry
    saturn berry   1 months ago

    tony leung reminds me with na jaemin from nct dream lol who are both introvert

  • Laxative Erosion
    Laxative Erosion   1 months ago

    is she also the voice actor for the dragon in RAYA and the last dragon (animation film).

  • Lusi Snt
    Lusi Snt   1 months ago

    Tony Leung 🥰 whoever decided to cast tony, you did an amazing job 👏 all his scene is the most memorable and impactful for me

  • Nsgolf18
    Nsgolf18   1 months ago

    Hi. My name is Awkwafina. And I. Am. In the. Movie. Shang chi

  • Vhalerie Lee
    Vhalerie Lee   1 months ago

    Anyone else shipping Razorfist and Xialing?

  • shmick
    shmick   1 months ago

    You actually made that movie! Very well done!😀

  • Marvel.Fan.3000
    Marvel.Fan.3000   1 months ago

    Me knowing that Awkwafina is in Jumanji the next level playing Ming

  • STEF88988
    STEF88988   1 months ago

    Lemme guess, same editor as the Loki feature with Owen? I’m still available