Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Final Trailer

  • Published on: 19 August 2021
  • "When you love something, you protect it."

    Watch the brand new trailer for Marvel Studios' "Eternals." Arriving in theaters November 5.

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  • Runtime : 2:52
  • marvel comics


  • amina isse
    amina isse   1 hours ago

    Marfel is the city of animals 🤢🤮🤮

  • Victor Loong
    Victor Loong   4 hours ago

    I felt like I really need to redress all the bad reputation and hate that this film is getting...I just watched Eternals today, and I absolutely love it! It's beautifully shot, very poetic and epic in style, with very moving and complex relationships between characters, as well as within characters (in terms of resolving issues of loyalty, morality, humanity and duty). It dares to move against the grain of most MCU superhero movies which is becoming quite formulaic and predictable in my opinion. Also, I love how it dares to probe big questions like creation, origins and existentialism. I definitely like Eternals more than Shang Chi, to be honest. We need more of this stuff! The MCU may have been a pioneer in recent film history, but if it doesn't improve or evolve and always pull off the same formula, then it won't last as long as expected.

  • jiistee
    jiistee   18 hours ago

    oh my god my theory for this is oh my god

  • bot gg
    bot gg   1 days ago

    kurang wow filmnya...pas bgian fight nya kurang wah...seolah damagenya kecil...jd gk trlihat overpowernya+skill hero nya ada sbgian yg biasa z...yg kita hrapin film ini lbih bgus dr avenger trnyata mlah lbih down

  • Adeptus Mechanicus Hyspasists

    👍👍👍 good actors and actresses choice, plot is kinda refreshingly good n simple, like it with how they look with all that golden theme on their armor n power, the ship they came to earth with looks like an alien ark ... it just refreshing to see a new roosters of heros on the big screen.

  • Sad-womenin the HOUSE

    I loved this movie! Hadn’t seen this trailer, and am kinda disappointed how much they gave away in this but in the earlier trailers I kinda just saw the first one and that got me really Intrigued! The drama and dynamics were amazing and this is one of those MCU movies that actually made me cry. 10/10 would recommend!

  • Seamair Dimi
    Seamair Dimi   1 days ago

    2 hours and 37 mins it was the worst time of my life 😂

  • Greg Iacullo
    Greg Iacullo   1 days ago

    I saw Eternals yesterday. My review: Too much water

  • Mttvllfn
    Mttvllfn   2 days ago

    This movie itself single handedly destroyed the marvels reputation.

  • romicorn
    romicorn   2 days ago

    phastos literally promoted IKEA's fall collection

  • Dzsenerall Dzseff
    Dzsenerall Dzseff   2 days ago

    I came into the theater to watch this movie hoping one thing- that it would be big. It was.

  • SKID
    SKID   2 days ago

    Thanos in real life is Bill Gates

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar   2 days ago

    Ikaris you are a murderer 😡😡😡🤬

  • Neo's danger
    Neo's danger   2 days ago

    I never thought a marvel movie could be worse then Thor the dark world but I’m proven wrong. This movie is shallow and horrible.

  • Kristoffer Varas
    Kristoffer Varas   2 days ago

    warning: if you post a positive opinion. you're gonna get trashed at

  • Triều Lê
    Triều Lê   2 days ago

    As a Marvel film hater, I changed my mind after watching this film. This is one of the very unique films where you see the man cry (male lead) which implies that crying is totally fine for men. We women can do anything despite being soft and lacking self-confidence. I love everything related to Eternals. Even though this film may have numerous critics, it will gain die-hard high-minded fans like me!

  • James Allen Inigo
    James Allen Inigo   2 days ago

    many people would be disappointed on how boring it is, well it is somehow BUT they really did a great job explaining the birth of the MCU and that’s how it should be. Although scenes were not that combative as compared to the other MCU films, like duh they’re Gods who’s only enemy are the deviants and themselves too

  • blhu
    blhu   2 days ago

    Whos here from rdc world 1💀

  • Alex Stone
    Alex Stone   2 days ago

    I just saw 5 minutes of The Eternals and it looks "Good".

  • Triều Lê
    Triều Lê   3 days ago

    The film is amazing. I loved it! I love Gemma and Richard.

  • bbruce995
    bbruce995   3 days ago


    KING BOY   3 days ago

    bad and stupid movie, i really don't understand what people want to do 😪

  • schwarzedition
    schwarzedition   3 days ago

    phastos blaming himself for little boy, fat man? it's ridiculous, is it just a tragedy? jp is victim of wwii?disgusting marvel, disney