Graham Norton Joins The Suicide Squad!

  • Published on: 31 July 2021
  • The Suicide Squad is out! Here are the best moments of Margot Robbie, John Cena, Idris Elba, Sylvester Stallone & Peter Capaldi!

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  • Runtime : 21:14
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  • Josh B
    Josh B   2 weeks ago

    Cena comes across so fake.

  • David Ching
    David Ching   3 weeks ago


  • Jack Daw
    Jack Daw   3 weeks ago


  • theplourde
    theplourde   4 weeks ago

    Daniel Kalyuya not having read the last Harry Potter book: Margot Robbie: and I took that personally

  • kernowarty
    kernowarty   1 months ago

    Michael Portillo is looking younger and fitter and the American accent suits him.

    FINDING RETREAT   1 months ago

    omg!!!ford's face when he asked to get a tatoo!!!!!!!!

  • palmeristo
    palmeristo   1 months ago

    No matter how macho you think you are if Margot robbie gives you a toemoji you take it.

  • jherrenor
    jherrenor   1 months ago

    Me: Harrison Ford's looking pretty old now.Harrison: That's acting.

  • Connie Boozer
    Connie Boozer   1 months ago

    I loved this. It was fun loving and the young man was happy 😊

  • Sarath Madhu
    Sarath Madhu   1 months ago

    Now Im curious as to where the tattoo is 17:51

  • NTN Labs
    NTN Labs   1 months ago

    The way Margot is in reality, she's perfect for Harley.

  • Joseph JoeStalin
    Joseph JoeStalin   1 months ago

    This is kinda funny... The video titled suicide squad featuring suicide squad actors, but none of the interviews has anything to do with it lol

  • LePetitdoll
    LePetitdoll   1 months ago

    I was expecting a sit down with all the cast together though i still enjoyed the video.

  • Zarkow
    Zarkow   2 months ago

    'The Suicide Squad' was a hell of a lot better than the first attempt, and should have been the only one - it would have been one of the good DC movies as of late with no blemishes.

  • Eharper3
    Eharper3   2 months ago

    Harrison is genuinely becoming more and more confused as life goes on.

  • Ben Berk
    Ben Berk   2 months ago

    I don't have any tattoos but I'd get one live on air if Margot Robbie was the tattoo artist

  • Jeeshadow
    Jeeshadow   2 months ago

    The slow extension of Harrison Ford's hand as he offers his drink to the dude....priceless :D

  • The Faceless Question
    The Faceless Question   2 months ago

    I was hoping for the whole cast at the same time...gets me every time Mr. Norton.

  • Pierce Giancaterino
    Pierce Giancaterino   2 months ago

    yo why does John Cena's intro in this clip feel like he was like "OH YES IM HERE AS WELL ALMOST FORGOT, I MUST USE EYE CONTACT."

  • Gertso
    Gertso   2 months ago

    lol there is no way that tattoo is sticking.

  • legends neverdie
    legends neverdie   2 months ago

    You know how it makes John Cena more attractive? He is well spoken.

  • Ashley Tsoi
    Ashley Tsoi   2 months ago

    Anyone think the thinker is so weirdly charismatic

  • No.
    No.   2 months ago

    I lost all my respect of john cena after that whole china apology thing but he's just too good in the suicide squad and the interviews.

  • Ré Warwik
    Ré Warwik   2 months ago

    Is Graham click baiting? This is not a suicide squad interview...

  • 4kh1l 60und3r
    4kh1l 60und3r   2 months ago

    This is funny because all these interviews are just older intetviews of the cast of the suicide squad and suicide squad wasnt even created at the time of these interviews

  • Elvis Reyes
    Elvis Reyes   2 months ago

    Bro England’s Talk Host Shows Are More Lit Then The U S 😂

  • Tad Von Baronstein
    Tad Von Baronstein   2 months ago

    Surprised Cena wasn't speaking in mandarin begging the Chinese people for forgiveness for accidentally saying Taiwan was a country lol. Guess once is enough 🤷‍♂️

  • Jennifer Druidhill
    Jennifer Druidhill   2 months ago

    there are lot of nerdy women out there and most of them liked comics as they were, I stop Buying marvel in the early 2000, and stop buying DC with new 52, the last DC Movie i saw was Wonder Woman and the las Marvel Movie was End game. Now I just hoping the whole indutry goes banrupt

  • Master D
    Master D   2 months ago

    "we didnt wanna do a guy in a green suit cover in dots", about that....

  • PDC1987
    PDC1987   2 months ago

    There was definitely some Sophia Loren/Jane Mansfield energy going on between Reese Witherspoon and Margot Robbie. Reese was visually annoyed and intimidated by the new, younger, prettier and far more in demand actress sitting next to her.

  • katyga
    katyga   2 months ago

    Reese Witherspoon is like "Why is this peasant sitting next to me?" lol