[Artist Of The Month] 'Bad' covered by ATEEZ WOOYOUNG(우영) | June 2021 (4K)

  • Published on: 20 June 2021
  • [Artist Of The Month] ‘Christopher - Bad’ covered by ATEEZ WOOYOUNG
    [Artist Of The Month] ‘Christopher - Bad’ covered by 에이티즈 우영

    우영 so bad… 내 심장 다 가져갔우영
    박력 있는 퍼포먼스 10000번째 반함
    (1:14) 손끝 디테일 나만 볼 순 없지(*˙˘˙)♡

    * Original Track : Christopher 'Bad'
    * Performance Director: B.B TRIPPIN
    * Choreographer: B.B TRIPPIN, Mr.Force

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  • Runtime : 2:36
  • M2 엠투 스튜디오 춤 스춤 Studio choom COVERS 커버스 DANCE THE X 댄스 더 엑스 댄스 DANCE 비 오리지널 BE ORIGINAL 커버 COVER 우영 WOOYOUNG ATEEZ 에이티즈 artist of the month aotm christopher 크리스토퍼 bad 배드 우영 크리스토퍼 우영 커버 우영 bad 스춤 우영 스튜디오춤 우영 아오먼 우영 aotm wooyoung artist of the month wooyoung artist of the month 우영 우영 춤 우영 cover


  • Apple
    Apple   40 minuts ago

    To the atinys that are still str€@ming l love y’all 💁🏽‍♀️🤍

  • AlsLovely
    AlsLovely   1 hours ago

    37k to 10.4M and 637k to 11M!! Let's goo let's gooo atinyy!!!

  • Rima Ben
    Rima Ben   1 hours ago

    Still remains the best male aotm for me!!

  • ana
    ana   1 hours ago

    I'm in love with this performance

  • raeve
    raeve   2 hours ago

    I dont like the way half of yall dipped at soon as we hit our goal... i hope yall know that we MUST keep wy most viewed and the others wont just sit and watch the other aotm already at 9.9M almost surpassing us so plz focus back

  • Baby Pink25
    Baby Pink25   2 hours ago

    Wooyoung ganteng dan berbakat banget! Kesayangannya aku. Muah 😘

  • Baby Pink25
    Baby Pink25   2 hours ago

    Wooyoung is the god of kpop fr. No one can do like him. He's just too perfect!

  • Baby Pink25
    Baby Pink25   2 hours ago

    Comeback here to see my king!!! LET'S GO 20M!! KAJAAAA!!

  • dalkong-i woo
    dalkong-i woo   2 hours ago

    Love to see that seal but definitely when its more than that let's go s3m harder

  • AlsLovely
    AlsLovely   2 hours ago

    I can't get over from this.. This is soo good!! ♡

  • AlsLovely
    AlsLovely   2 hours ago

    Good morning, wooyoung.. Have a great day!!! I hope you always be happy and healthy.. Jung wooyoung is atiny's pride! We love you so much.. ♡~10/26/21

  • AlsLovely
    AlsLovely   2 hours ago

    40k to 10.4M and 640k to 11M!! Keep going atinyy!!

  • Bea Lim
    Bea Lim   3 hours ago

    Wooyoung is just the best.

  • 냠념
    냠념   3 hours ago

    어엉 할때 코 틩기기 좀 좋은디

  • S
    S   4 hours ago

    ohh sadly yesterday i was soo busy today i’ll str3am hard and that’s awesome we’re close to 10.4

  • AlsLovely
    AlsLovely   4 hours ago

    Still here for this masterpiece ♡

  • AlsLovely
    AlsLovely   4 hours ago

    This will always be the best! This is legendary aotm

  • AlsLovely
    AlsLovely   4 hours ago

    43k to 10.4M and 643k to 11M!! Let's gooo atinyyy!!

  • Rose with thorns
    Rose with thorns   6 hours ago

    Stan Wooyoung, he's the standard and most celebrated AOTM.

  • Apple
    Apple   6 hours ago

    Still here 💃🏽

  • t8229
    t8229   6 hours ago


  • AlsLovely
    AlsLovely   6 hours ago

    Wooyoung is the best! Best aotm ever!!

  • AlsLovely
    AlsLovely   6 hours ago

    46k to 10.4M and 646k to 11M!! Keep str34mingg!! Let's give more for this masterpiece.. \(≧▽≦)/

  • Jess
    Jess   6 hours ago

    studio choom you're lucky that Ateez has 8 members that could serve as main dancer in any other kpop group ;) manifesting AOTM performances for each of them to follow Woo <3

  • Bree B
    Bree B   6 hours ago

    I posted a Halloween themed Opinion Poll in the Wonderland comments section if anyone wants to play along while they str3am :-) Sorry I havent been able to post polls and games as much as I would like to lately. Hopefully I will be back to it more regularly soon!

  • cami vene
    cami vene   6 hours ago

    te amo estandar de la generación

  • Error 404
    Error 404   7 hours ago

    I wouldn't mind a Wooyoung part 2

  • Ana Tiny
    Ana Tiny   8 hours ago

    Hey Atinys necesitamos urg str34m Fireworks 50M, Deja Vu 30M, Eternal Sunshine 20 M, please

  • Elizabeth.
    Elizabeth.   8 hours ago

    The whisper parts got me feeling some type of way 😳🙈

  • Rachael
    Rachael   8 hours ago

    Pretty silent these days but I'm still here... Fighting Atiny!

  • Neirii Mepfhiio
    Neirii Mepfhiio   8 hours ago

    I find myself coming back to this more often than I would like to admit..