Inter Milan vs. Juventus: Extended Highlights | Supercoppa Italiana | CBS Sports Golazo

  • Published on: 12 January 2022
  • The winners of last year’s Serie A and Coppa Italia, Inter Milan and Juventus respectively, face off in a battle of titans for the prize of the Supercoppa.

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  • Runtime : 12:12
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  • Euros Capo
    Euros Capo   3 days ago

    That’s wasn’t even a penalty great win for Inter though

  • N__
    N__   3 days ago

    Lukaku “ watching Inter live makes me miss Italy “

  • Vic 11
    Vic 11   4 days ago

    An absolute beauty of a game!

  • Aidan Vitticore
    Aidan Vitticore   4 days ago

    Did no one else see that Dzeko completely dived?? No contact! What is VAR doing?

  • Vin Kinz
    Vin Kinz   4 days ago

    they think they are king w/0 Ronaldo, but actually play like sh*t

  • Konn M.
    Konn M.   4 days ago

    To ex Man United players combining to help Inter knockout Juve

    DANBOY89GYM   5 days ago

    I didn't realize Sanchez is still playing. Whatever he's drinking I want some.

  • Jonathan Gomez
    Jonathan Gomez   5 days ago

    Bonucci looked like he was ready to punch his manager

  • Alexander R
    Alexander R   5 days ago

    Low key Alexis Sanchez has been one of the strikers of his generation, same for Vidal at the Midfield, just ask Messi.

  • Maggie Trupido
    Maggie Trupido   5 days ago

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  • Christian C
    Christian C   5 days ago

    Kinda happy juventus lost, can’t be having Americans touching trophies 🏆

  • Goku Dbz
    Goku Dbz   5 days ago

    Baffles me how players like Sandro half the mid and morata get to play at juve they are the man utd of seria a nothing but mediocre allowed left and right it’s laughable

  • Henry Meow
    Henry Meow   5 days ago

    All you mfs know what this man did to Real Madrid in the clasico! Can you imagine what he would do to other teams!!

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez   5 days ago

    Weston mckennie might be the next star for Juventus.

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez   5 days ago

    Alexis Sanchez came up big in the last second for inter milan.

  • Jose Alexis Guillen
    Jose Alexis Guillen   5 days ago

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  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe   5 days ago

    These announcers are either idiots or are trying to paint an alternative reality as real. June didn’t do jack for the first 22 minutes - their goal was their first shot on net. Announcers proclaim this as prolonged pressure? Juventus played siege defense for the entirety of the second half and extra time, and this was proclaimed as an “even period”. Wild.

  • Arrow Water
    Arrow Water   5 days ago

    UCL with this new Italian generation I’m telling you now

  • Ahmad Jibawi
    Ahmad Jibawi   5 days ago

    It was Not a penalty, VAR should have ruled it out

  • James Medina
    James Medina   5 days ago

    Dzeko dragging his foot should be red flag for faking

  • Stantson Miles
    Stantson Miles   5 days ago

    Why would any defender ever chest trap the ball to a teammate in that scenario?? That was a very bad choice especially at the end of a game?

  • BBBeast
    BBBeast   5 days ago

    Sanchez and Dzeko teammates??? 😂 Never would have thought of that besides fifa ultimate team!

  • Kay K
    Kay K   6 days ago

    The penalty kick should not be given. That was a fake action.

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez   6 days ago

    That last goal cost Juventus the game. I wanted mckennie to take a penalty.

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez   6 days ago

    Weston mckennie played so badass. He is approving great for Juventus.

  • D Al Flores
    D Al Flores   6 days ago

    Un orgullo Latino y Chileno!! Saludos de un Salvadoreńo

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    NeedGod dot com   6 days ago

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