• Published on: 18 April 2020
  • Borrowing the narrative structure of the 1979 classic Alien and taking visual cues from 80's sci-fi horror films Leviathan and the Abyss, Underwater is a tense rollercoaster ride that follows a crew trying to escape the doomed fate of their crumbling underwater station.

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  • Runtime : 13:43


  • TwoSpooky
    TwoSpooky   1 years ago

    Theory: The corporation is Cthulu worshippers and they know what they're doing by mining there.

  • Wrx rob
    Wrx rob   1 days ago

    It was better than I anticipated, worth the watch. As far as the opening scene I kinda liked how they jumped right into it, I also understand your point with no setup to the characters, alien leviathan and event horizon did that very well

  • nwo
    nwo   2 weeks ago

    great movie

  • KArbon
    KArbon   2 weeks ago

    They don’t give too much character development because they were just sacrifices.. the next movie will go deeper into it when Cthulhu goes to the surface

  • dundundada
    dundundada   2 weeks ago

    its movies like this that makes me wish movies could be longer or made into good shows

  • H hydre
    H hydre   2 weeks ago

    Ctuhlu (sorry) would just go back to sleep becose 2020 is just bad

  • mind waves
    mind waves   3 weeks ago

    This movie has shovelface as its lead. Nah thanks.

  • Dannyboy90ify
    Dannyboy90ify   1 months ago

    Hard for me to critizise the lack of Cthulhu lore, since it is never officially called that.It could be any undersea creature.If it was Cthulhu the mere sight of him should have messed with their minds.

  • Marcara081
    Marcara081   1 months ago

    10:54 - That is so wrong it hurts my soul to hear you say it.

  • alex
    alex   1 months ago

    Shit movie!

  • Angelo Dela Cruzz
    Angelo Dela Cruzz   1 months ago

    Wasn't really a fan of Cthulhu's design change. Was looking forward to a more kraken/octopus head look

  • Angelo Dela Cruzz
    Angelo Dela Cruzz   1 months ago

    Captain Lucien had a drawing of Cthulhu in his locker. He and the other higher ups probably knew he was down there

  • Rockscapes
    Rockscapes   2 months ago

    Underwater was the best film of the year. It's just unfortunate that everyone has to drag it down because it wasn't a big success.

  • Sarah Phyllis
    Sarah Phyllis   2 months ago

    Black guy had to die first in this movie - very sad. Reminded me of Deadspace game and Cloverfield movie

  • Pad Foot
    Pad Foot   2 months ago

    Worst horror movie ever

  • Pad Foot
    Pad Foot   2 months ago

    This movie had horrible graphics, you can’t see what’s happening for more then 80% of the entire movie

  • the cowhand
    the cowhand   2 months ago

    if there was a hull breach that deep they would be dead in like 10 minutes or sumn

  • The Emperor
    The Emperor   2 months ago

    God Stewart looks hideous in this movie.

  • Mathias Gomez
    Mathias Gomez   2 months ago

    I enjoyed it.I do get bugged by people saying the monster or alien was unoriginal. It's like no one enjoys an alien / monster movie anymore, not since the 80's because every comment compares the monster / alien to Aliens. Almost ever youtube essay has the same comment, but when something like Bird Box comes along and doesn't show a monster / alien, the same people throw a fit for not showing one. Just enjoy someone's storytelling without comparing it to an 80s rendition of a similar genre.

  • Hugo Alberto Marin Ossa

    Kristen Stewart is really hot! I watched the movie twice because of her. The movie could have made better on box office with propper marketing.

  • Trevor
    Trevor   2 months ago

    I call bullshit on it actually being cthulu. That design choice was probably made way later. I mean she looked right at cthulu and was just fine lol

  • Darian Barker
    Darian Barker   2 months ago

    If you could switch TJ Miller with another actor, who would you choose?!

  • Gerronemo
    Gerronemo   2 months ago

    This movie was in Disneyplus Hotstsr before. Then a couple months after that it got deleted, just gone from thriller section. What a disappoinment.

  • Barton Abrams
    Barton Abrams   2 months ago

    Would have loved to have seen a sequel but will never happen with Disney to bad, if they put R’lyeh in would have loved to have seen how they would have done the architecture that Lovecraft described

  • RandomCTG
    RandomCTG   2 months ago

    Stewart…bland, boring and flat

  • Donta Bell
    Donta Bell   2 months ago

    Any of my Gear of War fans think there pressure suits look like COG armour