Oscars 2019! And The Nominees Are...- SJU

  • Published on: 22 January 2019
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  • Runtime : 37:41
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  • Nate DS
    Nate DS   2 years ago

    Joe: it’s very rare for a movie to win best picture but not be nominated for best directorGreen book: hold my beer

  • William P. Buttle
    William P. Buttle   2 years ago

    I’m just saying.... if Black Panther got nominated, I mean how didn’t Deadpool 2 or Infinity War get nominated

  • DaveD
    DaveD   2 years ago

    Three Identical Strangers, Best Doc snub

  • DaveD
    DaveD   2 years ago

    Alex Wolff, Best Supporting Actor snub

  • DaveD
    DaveD   2 years ago

    Barry Jenkins, Best Director snub

  • DaveD
    DaveD   2 years ago

    Also, that was Bradley Cooper’s best performance to date. His performance was devastating. He deserves the nod.

  • DaveD
    DaveD   2 years ago

    Ethan Hawke, Best Actor snub

  • elon musket
    elon musket   2 years ago

    Why is no one talking about infinity war it is a much better film than black panther

  • samnangpoe
    samnangpoe   2 years ago

    I was definitely disappointed that Toni Collette didn’t get nom. The nuances of her performance was just amazing to witness. Lady Gaga? I get it but I really don’t

  • Joe D
    Joe D   2 years ago

    Black Panther has no business being up for best film.

  • Kevin Godwin's channel

    Am I the only one who loved Blindspotting? It was one of my favorite films of the year and I think it is deserving of Best Picture, adapted screenplay, actor and supporting actor noms.

  • Guillermo Sanchez-Vela

    I was so sad they didn’t nominate Juston Hurwitz’s score for “First Man.” I was especially surprised since it had won a Golden Globe.

  • Tom Soares
    Tom Soares   2 years ago

    Claire Foy should have been nominated, First Man was a great movie.

  • irina1296
    irina1296   2 years ago

    I want Glenn Close and Amy Adams to finally win that "annoying" Oscar. I'm glad Lady Gaga is nominated too. Nowadays we have some justice. I still hate them for not nominating Jennifer Lopez ("Selena") and Madonna ("Evita") in the past. Toni Collette is robbed this year

  • Daniel Ortega
    Daniel Ortega   2 years ago

    Guess please talk on lobbying side of things that influence the Academy a fuckin lot.

  • Jdfrom DaEighties
    Jdfrom DaEighties   2 years ago

    I think I'm starting to hold Dan in the same regard as Jon Bois (it's high, the regard is high)

  • enniobg13
    enniobg13   2 years ago

    So, Melissa McCarthy can win an Oscar and a Razzie? cool!

  • BarbzKenDoll
    BarbzKenDoll   2 years ago

    I agree The Favourite should win best picture!!! I hated Vice and I WISH Leave No Trace were in there! Also what the hell is up with Adam McKay getting so many noms for his terrible movie? Where is Debra Granik or Bradley Cooper in the best director slot? Their movies are SO much better!

  • Rafael Decanio
    Rafael Decanio   2 years ago

    its funny how black people ask for equality and not calling people names and both good movies start with "black" in the title hahahahahaha

  • Maleficis Dark Traumacore

    Some things the Academy does well, like putting Roma in sound categories even though people are confused because most of them could not see it in theater and others badly like Black Panther better movie.

  • Masster Wushu
    Masster Wushu   2 years ago

    The Nominees ...as read by Mr. Peanutbutter.

  • mali mall
    mali mall   2 years ago

    When it comes to movies there are FOUR major categories of impact: Financially, critically, socially and culturally. When you take a look at Black Panther's impact in all four categories you'll find that not only is Black Panther one of the greatest movies of 2018 but Black Panther is one of the greatest movies of all time. Financially, Black Panther became one of the highest grossing movies of all time with 1.3 billion world wide (9th all time) and 700 million in the U.S. (3rd all time and highest in the U.S. of 2018)Critically, Black Panther became one of the most critically acclaim movies of 2018 receiving Universal acclaim with a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and 88% on Metacritic. Socially, Black Panther became the most discussed and talked about movie of 2018 according to post, tweets, comments, links, clicks etc etc Culturally, Black Panther became the biggest cultural film the movie industry has ever seen becoming a ground breaking cultural phenomenon!!!!When you combine the facts above with the movies overall acting, story, themes, world building, visuals while still being epic, entertaining, funny with depth that's thought provoking and what you have is not just a movie but a movement. A moment in time that will live and last forever . . . Wakandaforever that is !!!!!!

  • miranda f
    miranda f   2 years ago

    That interview at the end was great! I'll definitely check the show out

  • M G
    M G   2 years ago

    pawlikowski= pavlyckovscky

  • Matthew Richards
    Matthew Richards   2 years ago

    Felicity Jones got skipped for On The Basis of Sex, and ONCE AGAIN Toni Collette gets skipped. . . a bit pissed.

  • Mr. Metalhorse
    Mr. Metalhorse   2 years ago

    What's so revolutionary about Black Panther?I don't get the hype with that movie at all. It is the perfect personification of a "meh" movie

  • SPMNDK89
    SPMNDK89   2 years ago

    I loved Black Panther but it wasn't even Coogler's best work. Fruitvale Station and Creed were both better in terms of storytelling. BP was mostly a spectacle but I thought the storytelling was paint-by-numbers. The tropes were nothing new. And in terms of film as an art-form, BP was a lot, A LOT of CGI. And although there are a decent amount of Nolan-haters, the Dark Knight was almost entirely filmed with IMAX cameras with minimal CGI work and better storytelling and when people were calling for that film to get a Best Picture nom, the Academy told them to shove it...

  • wannabefolkie
    wannabefolkie   2 years ago

    When you started talking about it I wondered if you were going to mention Marisa Tomei. “My biological clock is ticking.”

  • Gasp Laurent
    Gasp Laurent   2 years ago

    Bohemian Rhapsody best picture nomination is annoying on so many levels..

  • R R
    R R   2 years ago

    I couldn’t disagree more with Joe. “Super arthousy stuff that absolutely no one saw.” That’s kinda what makes the Oscars prestigious. They’re not the People’s Choice Awards. They’re suppose to be awarding the art of film, not their popularity. Those arthouse films that nobody sees are crafted with heart, care, meaning, passion, and ambition. They are movies for cinephiles who actually appreciate the art and depth of film. They are films that are presented in important festivals. You can’t say you’re glad the Oscars are heading on a more commercial route. In award shows like the Oscars is where art films should be most acknowledged, the same way (hypothetically speaking. We all know the Nobel is more prestigious) the Nobel Prize acknowledges good literature. They don’t just give it to J.K. Rowling for writing Harry Potter. If a blockbuster is good enough to compete with high quality art movies (such is the case with movies like Jaws, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, A New Hope, The Silence of the Lambs, Mad Max: Fury Road, etc), it’s fine. But going out of your way to nominate movies based on their commercial appeal like Bohemian Rhapsody, I couldn’t be more against.

  • Adina Cooper
    Adina Cooper   2 years ago

    im having serious anxiety that one day you guys will be locked out of your office and I won't get my daily dose of SJU.

  • uri natan
    uri natan   2 years ago

    i think Sean bean walked over to the set in lord of the rings

  • Jane Choy
    Jane Choy   2 years ago

    Beale Street could and should have gotten a best picture nom.

  • Michael Tipton
    Michael Tipton   2 years ago

    @ScreenJunkiesNews can we discuss the ultimate Oscar Snub this year: Deadpool 2 for Best Original Song. Ashes is amazing.

  • Rey Skywaka
    Rey Skywaka   2 years ago

    Timothée chalamet? Lucas hedges? Emily blunt? Beale street? Crazy rich Asians? John krasinski? Brb crying.