Stanford vs. Arizona - 2021 Women's NCAA Championship Extended Highlights

  • Published on: 05 April 2021
  • No. 1 Stanford plays No. 3 Arizona in the National Championship Game of the 2021 NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament.

    The Cardinal win its first national championship since 1992 after surviving a one-point win in the title game against the Wildcats, right after winning their Final Four game by one point as well. Sophomore Haley Jones led Stanford with 17 points, including what would become the game-winning basket and free throw in the final minute of the game.

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  • Runtime : 9:1
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  • Pat Downs
    Pat Downs   1 weeks ago

    That final play was meant to be a drive for the basket. Makes sense, but it was not going to work because Stanford had it defended. She wasn't able to think fast enough to pass off to one of the two open forwards. Or maybe the coach just said go hard to the hoop and don't even think about passing it. Bad call by someone for sure.

  • Say When
    Say When   2 weeks ago

    Never seen a spherical sandwich before.

  • Tom
    Tom   2 weeks ago

    McDonald needs to learn to pass at the end, she let her ego cost her a title. Her teammates were wide open near the basket. Kudos to Stanford they knew she was going to play hero ball and set the defense up to let anyone else besides her win the game

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl   3 weeks ago

    games are fun to watch..congrats to all the teams..this is truly a March madness..

  • D W
    D W   3 weeks ago

    5 secs left and McDonald tries to ISO (a la Iverson) while the entire Stanford team swarms her. No screens or cuts whatsoever, bad coaching IMO

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon   3 weeks ago

    As soon you think Stanford have the Momentum. Arizona came back. But they just can’t get over the Humps. Go Cardinals. You ladies Deserve to win.

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone   3 weeks ago

    she had a wide open teammate under the basket, should've made the pass on that last possession

  • Ronald Zent
    Ronald Zent   3 weeks ago

    Looked like McDonald really didn't have a chance to get off a pass, she did heave the ball towards the bucket best she could , I guess

  • McLovin
    McLovin   3 weeks ago

    Paige would have made that last shot

  • Random Person
    Random Person   3 weeks ago

    wow stanford dodged bullets two games in a row

  • MexicAmeRogue.
    MexicAmeRogue.   4 weeks ago


  • Steven Foster
    Steven Foster   4 weeks ago

    I can't tell you how many times I've played with somebody who refused to pass, took the shot, and missed. Only it was never for a national championship.

  • Words 2 live by
    Words 2 live by   4 weeks ago

    Let this be a lesson you have other teammates to pass 2

  • Tony Campbell
    Tony Campbell   4 weeks ago

    Teams players refs much better here than in the mens game.

  • Paypal Services
    Paypal Services   4 weeks ago

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  • Niki Young
    Niki Young   4 weeks ago

    Horrible last shot attempt. Had plenty of time to try to get a better look or pass it off to someone else that wasn't practically triple teamed. I get they wanted the ball in her hands but once she couldn't drive she should of looked for a pass or taken a better shot somehow. Girl at the top of the key was wide open but it was too late cause she had too many defenders on her to do anything. Great game and great efforts by both teams but also great defensive scheme on that last series by Stanford.

  • Okay Boomer
    Okay Boomer   4 weeks ago

    Hey these girls need to all be in the WNBA they look so much better

  • Tony Perkis
    Tony Perkis   4 weeks ago

    Just remember. A decent high school boys team world beat these woman 100-30.... It wouldn't even be close

  • Prkwon
    Prkwon   4 weeks ago

    Pac longer mediocre conference....i respect stanford womens team as a UCLA fan

  • j cherry
    j cherry   4 weeks ago

    i had no idea they played already

  • R-Mick-G
    R-Mick-G   4 weeks ago

    Women's basketball sucks! Always has always will. Dribbled out the clock on the final shot of the game practically by a woman who's wearing # 23...should be #00

  • Aisha Isabella
    Aisha Isabella   4 weeks ago

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  • Brian Brannan
    Brian Brannan   4 weeks ago

    Congrats to Stanford... National Champions... the best team, the best players, the best athletes, and a great coach. Great game.

  • My World
    My World   4 weeks ago

    I didn’t know the women had a National basketball tournament. No wonder my dinner’s🥘 not ready

  • qing tian
    qing tian   1 months ago

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  • Joel Barker
    Joel Barker   1 months ago

    Did u see that slam dunk?! Ya me nether

  • Bo Ayala
    Bo Ayala   1 months ago

    08:40 2.4secs left - triple teamed - wide open teammate - cut - pass = WIN.