• Published on: 27 April 2020
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  • Runtime : 15:10
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  • black spider
    black spider   1 years ago

    Y cuando vuelve wendel snipes con blade ?así sea un capítulo final?

  • Richard Wyatt
    Richard Wyatt   1 years ago

    Love Stranger Things! But I thought this was "Best Upcoming Movies (2020) Trailer"? The majority were fucking tv shows... Bunch of fucking stupid people! Title your fucking videos correctly...

  • Ry
    Ry   1 years ago

    What a bunch of b-grade feminist propaganda bullshit they look to be. Another year of movies ruined by woke.

    THE REBEL DEVIL 😈   1 years ago

    On the 3rd movie WHY IS THE TRAILER SOOOOOO LONG THE MOVIE SUCKS!! BIG COCK, IS LIKE A REALLY BAD CHICK FLICK and the rest well! Save your money people .

  • 熊晓健
    熊晓健   1 years ago


  • 熊晓健
    熊晓健   1 years ago


  • 熊晓健
    熊晓健   1 years ago


  • Mandy Brekke
    Mandy Brekke   1 years ago

    Why even put the picture on the thumbnail? Its not even on here and that's the only reason I clicked this damn thing! These shows all look stupid.

  • Andrew Velonis
    Andrew Velonis   1 years ago

    Well, at least Neflix, Hulu, etc are labeling their trailers now.I knew that NYC one was going to be a Woody Allen movie.

  • ced ced
    ced ced   1 years ago

    lots of shit movies, coming to you... real soon!

  • Kevin H
    Kevin H   1 years ago

    This is retarded. Some of these are not movies, most of them suck. And there are trailers that don't even tell you the name of the fraking movie.......

    SIZZLEWIZZ   1 years ago

    castle in the ground seems interesting.also a series of Snowpiercer sounds like something I'd enjoy, if they don't screw up that is.The rest? PASS.

  • Renato Neves
    Renato Neves   1 years ago

    So movies = series according to idiot that made this video

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams   1 years ago

    Typical creepy Woody Allen - the women are all very young and they fall for absurdly older men who are supposed to be savants.

  • Smarty Pants
    Smarty Pants   1 years ago

    Wrong title for this clip. Should be.... "Crap movies for 2020"

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall   1 years ago

    Will definitely be watching the grass grow as those trailers sucked.

  • Luca
    Luca   1 years ago

    The last one looks like a trash the samw about the one before it

  • Giuseppe Vitale
    Giuseppe Vitale   1 years ago

    'We dont turn men, men can't handle power "ofakooooooofffff!!!!!"

  • Luka Capak
    Luka Capak   1 years ago

    on upcoming movies ty put strager tings s4

  • bordy
    bordy   1 years ago

    i would rather watch old b grade 1950 science fiction movies

  • sulijoo
    sulijoo   1 years ago

    Do any of these look remotely cinematic to you? These aren't movies, they're made-for-tv crap. Or streaming, which is almost as bad.

  • TheOtherSteel
    TheOtherSteel   1 years ago

    These are the best coming for 2020? I guess the year 2020 in movies is as horrifying as 2020 in the real world.

  • 1369buddy
    1369buddy   1 years ago

    A bunch of crap...although I liked the psycho chick who lights fires

  • mdd1963
    mdd1963   1 years ago

    4:07 Is Selena Gomez perhaps playing a 14 year old girl here?

  • Stephen Hirt
    Stephen Hirt   1 years ago

    Big Stranger Things fan but it's not a movie.

  • delna Yelan
    delna Yelan   1 years ago


  • Mshina Sherman
    Mshina Sherman   1 years ago

    Love victor oh yes love it suck it, milk it! 😀

  • Broken Bussy
    Broken Bussy   1 years ago

    those vampire chicks are movie or series?

  • joshua thomas
    joshua thomas   1 years ago

    sais coi le nom avec la fille qui devien vampir

  • luvprue1
    luvprue1   1 years ago

    Is James vs his future self the new back to the future movie?

  • -zedx-
    -zedx-   1 years ago

    what a bunch of garbage

  • George George
    George George   1 years ago

    Spoiler alert,it's the 'WORST UPCOMING MOVIES (2020) Trailer'