Christmas Stereotypes

  • Published on: 11 December 2017
  • Christmas Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.
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  • Runtime : 7:48
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  • LakeLadyTX
    LakeLadyTX   51 minuts ago

    I’ve been watching this channel for so long and I still can’t tell the difference of Cody and Coby- 😂

  • mØØse_25
    mØØse_25   5 hours ago

    7:25 in florida, christmas gets up to 90 degrees lol

  • Lou Lau
    Lou Lau   6 hours ago

    Who still watches this in 2022

  • Cr4zyh Land
    Cr4zyh Land   6 hours ago

    Living in Texas with 85 degree Christmas I agree

  • Aj Gorneau
    Aj Gorneau   21 hours ago

    In the rage monster stereotype I was waiting for him to break the TV in here we are

  • The Furry Spuds
    The Furry Spuds   1 days ago

    5:00 tyler is correctwise men arrived on jan 6 (generally agreed upon date)

  • Ozpl
    Ozpl   1 days ago

    Uhh is this what you normally do we it is Christmas when you wake up??? 😂 it is true tho 😂.

  • nuntundo
    nuntundo   1 days ago

    Me when I see him destroy everything: money money so much money GONE

  • Sl1x TTV
    Sl1x TTV   1 days ago

    my mom is definitely the tree police 😂😂😂

  • RoyalPlayz #1
    RoyalPlayz #1   2 days ago

    That’s actually kinda what a Texas Christmas is like

  • Amy Tallakson
    Amy Tallakson   2 days ago

    When Ty tried to see what was in the present’s and Santa came he said it was dad

  • Jack Wilvers
    Jack Wilvers   2 days ago

    He thinks 4 am is early I actually get up at 1 am on Christmas👍👍👍👍

  • Micah
    Micah   2 days ago

    ummm... you forgot Australian christmas

  • Lily k.
    Lily k.   2 days ago

    I usually watch this during Christmas- but it’s may

  • Jakey_IbrahimOG
    Jakey_IbrahimOG   4 days ago

    Mad respect to Tyler for not breaking the nativity set ✊

  • Joe Maltman
    Joe Maltman   4 days ago

    Are you really messing up stuff in the house?????

  • marcoscolga24
    marcoscolga24   4 days ago

    4:52 I love that they have their priorities straightAlso 5:28 No Name is supposedly a stereotype yet this man has never had it happen in 59 years

  • Samuxy
    Samuxy   4 days ago

    Fun fact: the puppy is seen in board game stereotypes when it's the competitive couple scene

  • HuyPlays
    HuyPlays   4 days ago

    Texas does have snow, but it is near the north of the state and snows rarely

  • Patrick Guthrie
    Patrick Guthrie   5 days ago

    tyler: "oh a, a belt." me: " for beating any bad kids"

  • Radio Fan
    Radio Fan   5 days ago

    every stereotypes you do are so funny

  • Kim Stewart
    Kim Stewart   5 days ago

    It’s kind of funny how pretty much every show there’s a rage monster🥹😜🤭🤡👺