WILLY'S WONDERLAND - FNAF but Nicolas Cage is the Janitor

  • Published on: 06 March 2021

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  • Runtime : 35:52
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  • fariZ erioN
    fariZ erioN   2 hours ago

    I love the fact that this movie doesn't take itself seriously at all

  • Zachary
    Zachary   13 hours ago

    My man nick had them kali sticks from warzone

  • Xavier Hess
    Xavier Hess   16 hours ago

    It was the 1980's safety didn't exist

  • Midnight
    Midnight   1 days ago

    I think Nic didn’t let the kids kill the animatronic to prove that he can do kill them even if there dangerous. Plus a theory said he is quite cause he’s been to Willy’s and survived and he drove on the spike on purpose to get revenge on the animatronics. Plus that’s why he loves pinball because he played pinball at Willy’s before. Also that energy drink is a soda and at Willy’s you drink and eat treats like soda so he probably likes it cause of that!

  • zoie sulak
    zoie sulak   1 days ago

    Ozzie the ostrich, is a clever joke, Ozzy (the) Osbourne?

  • Lukerb
    Lukerb   2 days ago

    my theory is that nick cage in this movie is actually another animatronic

  • Hat That
    Hat That   2 days ago

    Thx 4 the review Alan the Alein!!!

  • smol cat
    smol cat   4 days ago

    Thx 4 the review Alan The Alien!!!!

  • Jack Cotter
    Jack Cotter   4 days ago

    Idk what ur smoking because this movie is legendary

  • Joker
    Joker   4 days ago

    honestly this movie was great. for what it was it was amazing and i loved that it didn't take itself seriously and nick did a great job even if he didn't speak. the acting was great from him and even if the other stuff was meh it was an absolute chaotic blast

  • John Bosley
    John Bosley   4 days ago

    While it is incredibly unlikely and hard to swallow that this movie isn’t based on FNAF, it isn’t impossible and I think I understand where the creator is coming from. It’s probably the result of my own experience. I play SWTOR and my main character is a smuggler who wears a chrome helmet, a leather jacket, bandoliers, and wields dual blaster pistols. I’m sure subconsciously I drew inspiration from Han Solo, Nathan Fillion’s character in Firefly (never watched the show but I know how the character looks and acts), and other dashing rogues, as well as myself (shameless self-insert). I made this character years ago, before I’d ever heard of Guardians of the Galaxy, but it’s unmistakable that he heavily resembles the main guy in the movie. All the time I get, “Nice Starlord cosplay!” It gets very annoying explaining all the time that it really is an original character design and I’d be lying if I said I don’t get upset sometimes. But I also have to understand where they’re coming from. Most people other than me like those movies and many players will do cosplay characters. It’s all just a wild coincidence. I love my character just like I’m sure the creator loves this movie. So to be told all the time you’re a cheap copy is probably super upsetting.

  • Smiley
    Smiley   5 days ago

    ngl i watched this movie with a bunch of my friends and we had a such a good time with it. its such a dumb movie, but its a masterpeice in its own way

  • cubic nyan
    cubic nyan   5 days ago

    new name for the movieCAWWcleaning at willy's wonderland

  • Vladimir Zabedyuk
    Vladimir Zabedyuk   6 days ago

    Thanks for the review, Alan the Alien! Now where's my heart 👽

  • jacob traicoff
    jacob traicoff   1 weeks ago

    Yo this movie isn't f**** oh that Five Nights at Freddy's movie its just about hey you remember that movie with the girl and the guy fucking in the birthday room, joyner lucas is great

  • Mangy Da Mango
    Mangy Da Mango   1 weeks ago

    Hear me out what if nick is secretly A Evil Guy that worked at The place and he escaped but his friends dont remember him and he is truamatized from the Suicide AnD hE wants his freind resting place to be clean

  • Caleb Borg
    Caleb Borg   1 weeks ago

    Thanks 4 the review Alan the alien!!!

  • Krovii
    Krovii   1 weeks ago

    To be honest I thought Nicholas Cage didn't speak because they didn't have enough budget for it

  • T Ff
    T Ff   1 weeks ago

    Thx 4 the review Alan the alien

  • Volunteer T
    Volunteer T   1 weeks ago

    I weirdly appreciate how effective just beating shit up is in this like. It’s satisfying after so many horror movies where it doesnt

  • prepared00
    prepared00   2 weeks ago

    I've seen this with my mother who has no knowledge of fnaf only the premise and she even called it the fnaf movie it was like a fever dream

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith   2 weeks ago

    People talk about this being a FNAF ripoff but never mention The Banana Splits Movie. Animatronics have come alive to kill before. They'll do it again. It's not an original concept at all.

  • PapaLantern-
    PapaLantern-   2 weeks ago

    It's a video game. Nick is the protagonist

  • One Guy
    One Guy   2 weeks ago

    Thx for the review Alan the alien

  • connor kimrey
    connor kimrey   2 weeks ago

    Personal head cannon is nick made this movie after rage quitting FNAF lol

  • Ageia Korome
    Ageia Korome   2 weeks ago

    The director raging at the interviewer asking about his willy is so fucking funny

  • King Animates badly
    King Animates badly   2 weeks ago

    I think the character Nick Plays had down syndrome, which is why he left when his watch went off