What Makes Sequels Fail? | SJU

  • Published on: 17 June 2019
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    What Makes Sequels Work or Not Work? | SJU
    Hosted by: Roth Cornet
    Featuring: Ed Greer, Danielle Radord, & Joe Starr
    Produced by Ryan O'Toole & Joe Starr
    Managing Editor: Eric Goldman
    Tech Director: Josh "JTE" Tapia
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

    Editor-in-Chief: Roth Cornet
    Managing Editor: Eric Goldman
    Senior Producer: Billy Patterson
    Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
  • Runtime : 1:7:44
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  • Fandom Entertainment
    Fandom Entertainment   2 years ago

    What for you makes a sequel worth making? What comic-book storylines do you want to see made into film? Let us know that plus your thoughts on ALL of today's topics in the comments below and thanks for watching! Hit See More For TimestampsWe have lots of exciting videos for you this week! Don't miss our 300th Honest Trailer and our premiere of our new documentary series Fandom Uncovered both arriving tomorrow at 10AM Pacific, Tuesday, June 18th. Then on Wednesday at 10AM Pacific, we will do a special LIVE episode of Honest Trailers Commentary breaking down our 300th trailer. Comment below with any questions!01:16 - Sequel Slumps30:57 - Hunger Games Prequel Books/Movie46:44 - Fan Question (Reality Check: What comic book storylines would you like to see brought to film?)POOL RULESOne: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate.Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated.Three: Don’t go looking for fights.Four: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

  • Stirling Alexander
    Stirling Alexander   2 months ago

    watching this episode for the FIRST time in 2021 is SO SATISFYING

  • Bill Hader
    Bill Hader   1 years ago

    What you talking about Ed? I’m 15 and I think Richard Prior is hilarious

  • Matthew King
    Matthew King   2 years ago

    I think the issue with sequels, is how many movies are out today. It used to be a blockbuster a month, but now you have a blockbuster every other week and it is becoming more difficult to compete. So if you have the option between watching a fresh sequel movie or a rotten one, most audiences are going to go for fresh.There are other reasons, but I think this is a big reason. Competition.

  • Tre G
    Tre G   2 years ago

    I'm glad someone said it about Katniss. I was completely done and frustrated with her by the end. I didn't always disagree with her or not like her, but yeah... Young people. They're all the same LOL. Sort of. Heh.

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr   2 years ago

    Too Many critics Bashing it or Too Many People putting their expectations Too High!

  • The Brown Knight
    The Brown Knight   2 years ago

    They try to be different and bigger but lose the values of the first. The best sequels expand on the first.

  • DaveD
    DaveD   2 years ago

    Bamboo straws are the truth!

  • Golden Light Pictures

    LEGO 2 tho lord and miller didn't direct it but they did write along with producing so kinda different than cloudy with meatballs

  • Robert Dennys
    Robert Dennys   2 years ago

    This is the second media commentator site that put Squadron Supreme on their adaptation wish list.

  • Jc Eliott
    Jc Eliott   2 years ago

    People surviving a decade later from a world changing event. Will reference the war.

  • Stuey Griffith
    Stuey Griffith   2 years ago

    something so wrong with that colored girl on the MIB.so, so wrong. 🙄

  • J Sharp
    J Sharp   2 years ago

    Dark Phoenix is Jean crushing a planet with her mind (and giant planet-sized flaming talons) and killing billions of people. Anything short of that is piffle. If that's in the movie, they sure didn't sell it. So I didn't go see it.

  • thewackness95
    thewackness95   2 years ago

    comics that would make great tv shows/movies:Sunstone (HBO)Punk Rock Jesus (AMC)Red hood and the outlaws (rebirth)(FX or DC)WICKED + Divine (FX)Invincible (animated 2D hard R HBO)Batman White Knight (Mathew Vaughn film)green lanterns (johns run) (Epic episodic film series like star wars)X-MEN (house of M to Avengers vs Xmen)(Long character weaving epic like game of thrones)and theres plenty of others out there that im forgetting

  • David Szaks
    David Szaks   2 years ago

    Baking involves the act of cooking food in an oven where the heat comes from both above and below. Cooking is a general term for all methods of food preparation. Baking is just a specific subsection of Cooking, like frying, or broiling, etc.

  • mew10521
    mew10521   2 years ago

    this was a very interesting discussion

  • Cthulhu Wayne
    Cthulhu Wayne   2 years ago

    Wish you guys made use of the dirty aunt Roth graphic.

  • Thomas
    Thomas   2 years ago

    Variety in same or similar markets and lack of ambition/ideas/attempt to grub money for little return

  • AGoodDay
    AGoodDay   2 years ago

    Listening to this discussion and I can't help but think that a Justice Lords film would be really good

  • Abraham martinez perez

    28:55 She seems nice. Look they can like what they like, and they should. In retrospective what I hated wasn't the movies or books, but how the marketing wouldn't stop pushing it in my face, it was talked about everywhere, a little like the frozen songs for a while.

  • Welsh IGN
    Welsh IGN   2 years ago

    liked men in black 3 more than 2

  • siriusgray
    siriusgray   2 years ago

    Katniss has a lot of rough edges but I think she’s far from being an awful person. It’s more that she views herself as an awful person because she’s incapable of acknowledging her positive qualities. You don’t inspire an entire nation to rebel unless you have some positive qualities.


    The current Star Wars flops don't bother me. They arent made by George Lucas, so I disavow them as real Star Wars. I look at them as I do the Star Wars comics. Entertaining and adequate, but not real star Wars. The Disney SW movies are fine. I just set my expectations low.


    Joe surprised me by mentioning " Flatscans" . Great old school Xmen callback. To be fair, Jennifer Lawrence was an unknown when she was cast in First Class. Its not like Fox went hunting for a big name when they cast Dark Phoenix.

  • R.J.Godzilla81
    R.J.Godzilla81   2 years ago

    Shaft in a proton-pack with slap action, and the Librarian Ghost from Ghostbusters 1 as an accessory. Picture it librarian ghost roars, Shaft then comes up slaps her in the face, and says "BITCH, shut yo mouth!!!" hahaha. I don't know about you but that says to me, total fun for the kids of all ages LOL. (that's a joke by the way)

  • Rockbuster Productions

    I just wish some movies wouldn't spread their budgets so insanely high. With the Avengers movies and Star Wars movies, it makes sense why those budgets are high. But not every Hollywood movie nowadays should take more than $200 million to make. More creativity can save them from their franchises dying out, and they wouldn't lose so much money.

  • jj
    jj   2 years ago

    I love YA book talk time! Fandom Entertainment doesn't mean just screen so maybe more?

  • Deshun Smith
    Deshun Smith   2 years ago

    Good work to all you guys. Made some very good point.

  • Stacey Sales
    Stacey Sales   2 years ago

    @48:34 - I truly appreciate the contributions of black people at the table. Ed and Danielle are just ...muah! (Chef's Kiss) Also, special shout out to Joe and his "roots and berries" contribution. Its "juices" but close enough. Your heart was in the right place.

  • Stacey Sales
    Stacey Sales   2 years ago

    @43:22 - "Every good hero needs his theme music."I see what you did there.Nice I'm Gonna Get You Sucka quote.

  • Rob Chuk
    Rob Chuk   2 years ago

    Hate to say it, but I knew MiB was doomed as soon as I heard Hemsworth was in it. His non-Marvel movies just don't make money. Nothing against the guy, but he's like bad luck or something.

    HELL SPAWN   2 years ago

    How To Make a Great Sequel: bring back sam raimi and tobey make the damn 4th movie of mature spider-man like ps4 game

  • Michael Leahy
    Michael Leahy   2 years ago

    *My answer to the comic book to screen questionIDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesWhen DC fully reboots I would love to see Batman Under The Red Hood BUT it technically was brought to filmIn regards to Marvel, I would like to see just a generally more accurate adaptation of Luke Cage

  • Deloreon Legacy
    Deloreon Legacy   2 years ago

    Holy crap this was a great episode! The humor and the insight were strong here. This might be THEE panel.Those Shaft shoes lol

  • Jarrod C
    Jarrod C   2 years ago

    I love Ed, i love his explanations and all that Jazz!