Kyrie Irving Postgame - Nets beat the Spurs in overtime

  • Published on: 02 March 2021
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  • Runtime : 8:37
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  • Drippin Sauce
    Drippin Sauce   2 months ago

    Kyrie has so much talent that he hasn't tapped into yet and that's scary he's still learning and being under the wings of James Harden and Kevin Durant will make him so much more devastating in all facets of the game💪🏾💯🔥

  • Mr Ok
    Mr Ok   2 months ago

    Kyrie thinking he Moses with the rod

  • every day we Lit Jones
    every day we Lit Jones   2 months ago

    Kyrie shut up who is u to say whats gonna happen in that houston game? Thats why im so mad boogie is no longer on the team cuz then it would of been worth watching. But houston suckass so its finna be a boring ass blow out game.

  • Debra Newton
    Debra Newton   2 months ago

    My boy Kyrie, he is so talented & got some good handles. Love watching him play. He is one of the greatest in the league!!! 🏀👍

  • Soroush AI23
    Soroush AI23   2 months ago

    When 7 year old me finds a cool stickTakes it anywhere even for interviews

  • LeGoat Sharpe
    LeGoat Sharpe   2 months ago

    he’s talking like pandemic p from last year we gonna see him choke like pandemic p did last year

  • Dag Dar
    Dag Dar   2 months ago

    This dude special bro!

  • TDE
    TDE   2 months ago

    big bro kyrie an inspiration

  • Quanny G
    Quanny G   2 months ago

    my boy missed that game winner😑

  • Clara Belle
    Clara Belle   2 months ago

    Sometimes I genuinely think Kyrie just does stuff for attention and then complains about it. Like I respect his culture but the prayer stick just cones out for the cameras. He even got the idea of burning sage before games from Jayden Brown.