Texas Tech vs. Michigan State: 2019 Final Four | FULL GAME

  • Published on: 21 August 2020
  • Texas Tech took down Michigan State in its first Final Four appearance in program history. The Red Raiders went on to face Virginia in the national championship. Watch the full 2019 Final Four semifinal game here.

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  • Runtime : 1:24:12
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    Let's gooooo

  • Iniguez TV
    Iniguez TV   4 months ago

    Ok I wouldn’t consider this a classic

  • anony mouse
    anony mouse   7 months ago

    20 seconds left and going for twos lol

  • Knoote96
    Knoote96   9 months ago

    Skipped from around 3 min left to 20 seconds in first half

  • BIGfatWaFFLE
    BIGfatWaFFLE   10 months ago

    Auburn Vs North Carolina Sweet 16 Next

  • Brett Abke
    Brett Abke   10 months ago

    Didn’t need to bring back this awful memory

  • Marquis Robertson
    Marquis Robertson   10 months ago

    Can you guys do North Carolina Vs South Carolina Gamecocks or Michigan state vs Villanova

  • Megatron 7
    Megatron 7   10 months ago

    Do Auburn @ North Carolina Next

  • Daddy Marc 08
    Daddy Marc 08   10 months ago

    enough tech videos, we need more duke videos

  • SaturnLotus Featured
    SaturnLotus Featured   10 months ago

    Georgetown vs FGCU 2013 1st RoundKansas State vs Kentucky 2018 Sweet 16Wichita State vs Ohio State 2013 Elite 8Indiana vs Kentucky 2016 2nd RoundNeeds to be uploaded!

  • Ray 2k
    Ray 2k   10 months ago

    These dudes are having a great future

  • Jimmini the Critic
    Jimmini the Critic   10 months ago

    Oh yeah just drill it in my MSU face March sadness.....*sniff*