What are the CREATURES in BIRD BOX - Best Theory

  • Published on: 03 January 2019
  • The monsters are never shown in Bird Box. Movie monsters are always a symbol or incarnation of something. So what exactly is the monster? Here is our theory!

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  • Runtime : 9:42
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  • Alteori
    Alteori   2 years ago

    Unfortunately, turns out, we do have to re-upload the other video on this subject. Some people can't see it and it's more important that the message gets out. So we changed some of the "offensive" material but still kept the message. This movie really hit me hard and it was amazing in that it had so many different interpretations. As an artist, it inspired me and it's more important for me to share that inspiration than holding on to my pride. It's not even the issue of it not being monetized, it's the issue of it being blocked or invisible to some people (ha just like the monsters) How ironic. It's funny because we've seen worse on Youtube and those videos are free for people to stumble upon without being blocked. I can't help but feel a lot of it has to do with the overall message in that video rubbing some people the wrong way. ANYWAYS, hopefully, it takes this time. :)

  • Jason Antonio
    Jason Antonio   3 weeks ago

    If we saw the monster during the movie… we’ll end up splitting our head open like the Asian victim.

  • Purple Shy
    Purple Shy   4 weeks ago

    i said this on some one else channel before. why not have every one run around yelling out monster and people who seen it kill them self. did you get all of that??? there was no monsters. its a cheesy movie. director to lazy to cgi monster so told every one to run around you know just runa round have fun go wild scream like mad run like you never run before and just pretend you see the monster and end your self. you see that alteori you see how lame that is LOL haa my god geese

  • Khoros Mythos
    Khoros Mythos   1 months ago

    Cthulu is not a dragon, but he does have wings.

  • J c
    J c   2 months ago

    This is a good explanation of why people are afraid of the deep blue sea, or the infinity of space. The fear of what lies in the unknown. What you cant see

  • Lolkas Lolpez
    Lolkas Lolpez   2 months ago

    I think they're angels who tell them the heaven is real, so they kill themselves to get there

  • Francis Errol Mercader
    Francis Errol Mercader   2 months ago

    There are several theories about what the Creatures are and represent Some of these are presented hereAlien invaders trying to wipe out humanity by using our own weak minds. Friendly aliens trying to contact humans without knowing that their presence drives us mad. Beings from another dimension accidentally transported to our own. Demons, especially in a biblical context. Ancient prehistoric creatures reappearing in the modern world. Biological warfare – insanity caused by weapons for warfare goals or terrorism. Mass hysteria – a massive panic caused by simple suggestion that there is danger Cthulhu - the titular antagonist from H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

  • Evan Le Phrog
    Evan Le Phrog   2 months ago

    when i saw the title i thought the monsters were killed by a bird box lol

  • Jack Grove
    Jack Grove   3 months ago

    1:52 I can see some drawings that could be dagon in the top right, Yog-sothoth in the top middle, Cthulu, mother hydra right below yog or to the left of yog, nyarlathotep could be to the left of dagon or the one all the way to the left of the screen

  • octane
    octane   3 months ago

    its an evolutionary fail safe, per se......the fact that the human mind is based in rudimentary image and semantic association, makes any "alien" species evolved enough to use psychic communication and influence, to do such things shown on this movie, BUT war, and violence, are not traits of species evolved enough to reach a younger species such as humans... we are in quarantine until we understand that we are ONE cosmos...and no species that can reach another aware species will do it for domination or war/oppression, because those already understood , we all make one Cosmic body. (its an evolutionary fail safe, per se)

  • Lord Inquisitor
    Lord Inquisitor   4 months ago

    The bird box is actually a simulated reality (like the matrix), where most people have forgotten, it’s not real.The „creatures“ are the the developers / Admins telling everyone to self-kill back to spawn, because they have to fix some bugs and this part of the map has to be unloaded during that time.

  • RootstownOhioFarmer
    RootstownOhioFarmer   4 months ago

    When I first watched the movie I thought maybe it was a Wendigo because the wendigo has the ability to mimic anyone's voice or appearance and usually will mimic dead people such as the part where Lydia heard her mom. The wendigo will also drive people to insanity and will sometimes turn other people into zombies with an endless hunger. Usually he doesn't make people kill themselves quickly but he will make people starve themselves until they die

  • Night Marionne
    Night Marionne   5 months ago

    There is one problem the size Cthulhu is almost the same size of Godzilla and all the other great old ones are to.

  • TristanD
    TristanD   5 months ago

    Its either Cthulhu or the monsters are based on Cthulhu

  • thedragon133
    thedragon133   5 months ago

    1:59 middle top picture is hermaeus mora, daedric prince of knowledge from elder scrolls. :D he gives you all the knowledge you desire and more... which drives you insane. ^.^

  • Sic semper tyrannis
    Sic semper tyrannis   5 months ago

    My head cannon is that it is the rapture since the bible uses the phrase "bear witness" a lot when referencing the rapture.

  • Cyphend
    Cyphend   7 months ago

    ancient ones vs saitama

  • Hubb Muhammadi
    Hubb Muhammadi   7 months ago

    The blind people will invent some kind of star Trek glasses that can be uses to defeat the monster, and the leader of this army defeating monster is Tom, Sandra Bullock son that have lots of kids because he marries Olivia, so that is what will happen in bird box sequel movie

  • Charles
    Charles   8 months ago

    If is it Cthulu,then why did they not peacefully live in the fucking water rather than making people fucking sucide

  • Carl Mauser
    Carl Mauser   8 months ago

    I hoped to see a monster movie or at least some mystery. Wasn't that bad but a movie without a monster, is not a monster movie. It feels like a weaker endtime scenario film. Ok movie, but no rewatch.

  • ONI
    ONI   8 months ago

    Is the kracken one of them?

  • atoli30
    atoli30   8 months ago

    I have watched this movie 5 times. If you listen to the people who look at the monsters, they speak of seeing dead relatives, friends, ect. They call to them to join them. Only those who are emotionally/ mentally detached from humanity (hold no emotional attachment to anyone or anything) are able to see the monsters for what they are. Kinda reminds me of when you hear your mom or someone calling you and you answer, but there's no reply. So you ask the person if they called you and they tell you "hm? I never called you." Or "i wasn't in the house." (Happens to me alot even now. ) my mom told me to never answer to the voice. It may sound like her, but it's not. It's an evil spirit or being that calls your name in the voice of someone you know.

  • Common Man
    Common Man   9 months ago

    The starfish looking pic reminds me of nyarlathotep, an elder God from Cthullu mythos

  • B1 224
    B1 224   10 months ago

    And nobody noticed nightmare Freddy 😡

  • Wonky_wisp
    Wonky_wisp   10 months ago

    Want a better explanation?got to film theory

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer   11 months ago

    It’s what you dread when you look at it

  • Mavloth Gaming
    Mavloth Gaming   11 months ago

    i'm already insane so if I look at Cthulhu i'll be fine :D

  • Thomas Gideon
    Thomas Gideon   11 months ago

    I think the SCP Foundation had a large scale breach.

  • H3vonlyH3ll
    H3vonlyH3ll   1 years ago

    I assumed they where a chythulu type creatures

  • suchismita chatterjee

    WOAHHH! I'm a Lovecraftian geek, and the fact that this theory is leading Cthulu to be one of the monsters in this spectacular movie, makes me so impressed. And I think I can recognise two of those monsters as the old ones. The guy with gleaming white eyes and black, shapeless body has to be Yog-Sothoth(Cthulu's dad), the thing with tendrils shooting out of itself with a white orb-like body has to be Azathoth(Cthulu's grandfather).P.S.- It's pronounced as Raleyh.

  • Aura Honeydew
    Aura Honeydew   1 years ago

    No matter how hard I try just can't behind not showing the monster(s) I want to see it love monsters. Doesn't have to be shown to the characters but at least to the audience

    UMBRAL   1 years ago

    i think someone scared of foxy he in one of the drawings no cap

  • Ire Ise
    Ire Ise   1 years ago

    So cameraman’s camera can’t see it? Aw men I want to see it real bad. I was watching the movie to see what kind creature it is but no monster wasting time watching that movie. I didn’t even get scared I was hoping to see the real thrill to see the monster.... 👎

  • Frank L.
    Frank L.   1 years ago

    It was just cthulhu??? But man created cthulhu... this monster swamps