Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass Trailer

  • Published on: 13 September 2021
  • Watch the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass Trailer and visit for more details.

    This is our Reality and we’re going to save it. We’ve got the best of the best on our side to help us out.
  • Runtime : 1:2
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  • Recon
    Recon   3 minuts ago

    It is too hard too get xp!!

  • Omar BHD
    Omar BHD   8 minuts ago

    Fortnite just keep gift me something I have a chance OK look I’m going to be having a challenge for you fortnight if I win this game and Super poolyou have to give it to me

  • Omar BHD
    Omar BHD   10 minuts ago

    Fortnite please don’t kick me out of the game

  • Bunny
    Bunny   18 minuts ago

    who cares :)

  • AlphaReturns498
    AlphaReturns498   42 minuts ago

    Also sideways anomaly was disabled and I never got a chance to try it

  • Thought Juice
    Thought Juice   49 minuts ago

    Personally, I think this seasons battle pass is quite underwhelming. I was expecting better. There's literally nothing I want on it so no point me buying it. The only positive for me in this new season is the map changes. I think they've done well there. Loving the alien speed tunnels dotted around the map.

  • mr HORITON
    mr HORITON   1 hours ago

    The best fight I've ever seen!!!

  • Just Fries
    Just Fries   1 hours ago

    0:05 what are the ponepglphs from one piece doing in fortnite

  • ashleyy nicole
    ashleyy nicole   1 hours ago

    This season sucks bruh what are these skins and wheres the gliders bro, should have full set skins

  • ejiro kirishima
    ejiro kirishima   2 hours ago


  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb   2 hours ago

    Slone: I'm not bringing you back if theirs a chance of that thing returning. Slone a few minutes later watching Kevin's extended family rain down on the island: uh oh

  • pelaa-JA
    pelaa-JA   2 hours ago

    Bring back old Fortnite!

  • Mr. Wickly
    Mr. Wickly   3 hours ago

    Sorry but if I can’t beat a sweat an ai definetly can’t

  • Mark GamezYT 6556
    Mark GamezYT 6556   4 hours ago

    Welp the mothership is finally gone can't wait for the queen

  • Duckhamz - Films
    Duckhamz - Films   5 hours ago

    Slone didn't want the cube and betrayed us, she got like 8 more and a giant ufo next to the island

  • Kevin Eduardo
    Kevin Eduardo   5 hours ago

    Lo echaron a cargar el fortnite era más chido el primer capítulo donde estaba balsa botín pios picados pueblo tomate y así

    SEVAS   5 hours ago

    Очень круто

  • Karan Singh
    Karan Singh   5 hours ago

    i hope we can play this on apple now onwards

  • Ajay Ram
    Ajay Ram   5 hours ago

    The music was kinda scary

  • •$ir_Mèmer~
    •$ir_Mèmer~   5 hours ago

    Why do I love this battle pass trailer so much l

  • s b
    s b   6 hours ago

    Why did you guys click bait us with tilted being put inCoral being taken out, steamy being taken out iml the entire poi was hit by a massive chunk in the trailer and it has 0 changesSlurpy being taken outCorny got taken up in the ship and blown up yet it is somehow still on the map?U guy teased massive changes and you gave literally 0 new named map poi,s Yall better make arena worth grinding for or I'm not spending my time on this game anymore u guys gotta make it worth it

  • Spooky Toilet Man
    Spooky Toilet Man   6 hours ago

    I don't personally play Fortnite anymore but seeing Kevin again filled me with so much joy.

  • Luukas Kaipiainen
    Luukas Kaipiainen   6 hours ago

    I friking hate this season is too hard that leveragtion shotgun can find not craft its too hard all are good for leveragtion