TERRIFIED (ATERRADOS) Ending Explained (2017)

  • Published on: 19 October 2020
  • #terrified #endingexplained

    In Terrified AKA Aterrados, a Buenos Aires neighborhood is plagued by a mysterious evil, and its up to a trio of paranormal experts and a cop to investigate, and hopefully put a stop to it. We're breaking down the time twisting story, just what the evil creatures are, as well as explaining the cliffhanger ending and what it means.

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  • Runtime : 20:27
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  • Marco Furtado
    Marco Furtado   1 weeks ago

    This movie truly sucked.... Was super excited because of all the reviews and feedback but you have to be 10 years old to find this terrifying. The athmosphere is not bad but the movie can be borderline silly.Only good horror movie I've seen in the last 20 years is "Tale of 2 sisters" from 2003. The fotography/art direction, the acting and the balance between atmosphere, terror and narrative is great.

  • Selina Flowers
    Selina Flowers   2 weeks ago

    Ngl when I watched the movie and seen the body thudding around like that in the beginning, I almost turned it off cause that to me was so disturbing, and Ive watched the human centipede all the way through before

  • Fervidor
    Fervidor   3 weeks ago

    You know, I really like the concept of paranormal investigators who know what they're doing and treat blatantly supernatural occurrences as business as usual. "Ah, the dead boy came back as a zombie. Don't worry, I've seen this before." Not Ghostbusters or anything, just people who've been doing this sort of thing long enough to be used to it and have a basic idea of how to handle it. I'd like a whole sub-genre like that.

  • Ibi Schütz
    Ibi Schütz   4 weeks ago

    It's one of the better horror movies

  • Tobias Hansen
    Tobias Hansen   1 months ago

    Great story on how the movie happened.....you literally did not explain or review the movie you just told what happened...what a waste

  • Bank Shot
    Bank Shot   1 months ago

    I like how others can see what’s going on and it’s not just one person who everyone thinks is crazy it’s a very nice change

  • Nariko Gabiosa
    Nariko Gabiosa   1 months ago

    16:28 damn this scene reminds me of one movie set in late 1800-1900 I think my memory of it is fuzzy, he had to get something off the propeller of the ship, and while in his diving suit he finds something slowly getting close to him. Another scene of that movie is a bear-like creature with a human face eating a crew member of his (There needs to be more scenes like these just being eerie and creepy giving suspense/dread)

  • TopsyTriceratops
    TopsyTriceratops   1 months ago

    What makes this movie scarier than most is the accuracy of the dead boy's body. I've seen images of dead people, and the film makers certainly did their homework here.

    TOEQIEM   1 months ago

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  • F M.
    F M.   1 months ago

    I think I watched this movie before but it was only like the later half of it lol

  • Greg Bee
    Greg Bee   2 months ago

    Please do banshee chapter

  • Giauy Ngo
    Giauy Ngo   2 months ago

    no no this one is a bit too much ehehehehh

  • Sandy Prater
    Sandy Prater   2 months ago

    This sort of reminds me (not insinuating that it's a rip-off, just has similar themes) of Stephen King's short story, Crouch End.

  • Switchy
    Switchy   2 months ago

    "Thanks for watching Foundfli-""Indeed."

  • john Blake
    john Blake   2 months ago

    imagine a "paranormal researcher"... only taking cases with proof... lady, if it was that easy... you wouldn't be called a "paranormal researcher"... you'd just be.. a researcher.

  • Dendelin007
    Dendelin007   2 months ago

    i would have bailed out of my house after the very first occurance of my bed moving itself really. maybe even before that ha

  • violet_blume
    violet_blume   2 months ago

    Probably not gonna watch all this video (just not to my taste) but I'm not sure why the ending of this film needs to be "explained"? It's pretty straightforward, unless I'm remembering wrong. But it's definitely the only Horror film that's truly scared me in 20 years. I can't believe it's not talked about more, it's so good.

  • Whispy Woods
    Whispy Woods   3 months ago

    Anyone else rewatching this after seeing the Cinnemassacre Monster Madness episode?

  • North Nova13
    North Nova13   3 months ago

    When that thing came out from under the bed I just thought thank God I didn’t see this when I was young! When I was a kid I saw a movie that showed a monsters claws come out from under the bed and swipe at the persons legs but The thing messed! I don’t even remember what movie it was or how old I was but it freaked me out so much I would run across my room and jump into my bed! I can imagine how messed up I would’ve been!! As a adult it still gave me the willies! The wife doesn’t seem to like it when I run across the room and jump in bed like that!!🇨🇦🖤🇺🇸

  • blahlbinoa
    blahlbinoa   3 months ago

    sounds like they need the Winchesters

  • crealkillr
    crealkillr   3 months ago

    This story is kind of stupid. Dead boy came back to his house? Lets bury him again. Walter asked for help? When you finally come to investigate, you just ring his door bell. He didnt respond, so you just move on to his neighbors problems. Silverware is acting weird? lets brush my hand along it and get stabbed.Instead of finding out what is causing these things, you are just going for easy fixes.

  • Toonfield Animations
    Toonfield Animations   3 months ago

    I just saw it myself on netflix and I have to admit, while there was some scary imagery... the movie wasn't that good in my opinion. It's pretty badly explained why some things happen and why it brings dead people alive. The immersion suffers for it... There's never any rules to what the paranormal entities do... sometimes they attack and kill... other times they just plain ignore the main protagonist, so you never actually know what they want or why. Also the payoff for the researchers is pretty lame... they just sort of see stuff, and then die. Overal it had some good stuff, but they needed to work on the story and idea more

  • Braeden R
    Braeden R   3 months ago

    Well this is unsettling. 😳

  • Chris Neely
    Chris Neely   3 months ago

    After watching this it has become my favorite horror movie.

  • Jacky Li
    Jacky Li   3 months ago

    One of the only horror films to give me paranoia weeks after initial watch. Great stuff.

  • Miguel
    Miguel   3 months ago

    Honest to god I thought they had formed a sort of Avengers style team to beat the spirits but nope lol

  • hello hello
    hello hello   3 months ago

    So your telling me there is a chance a ghost is doing a fashion runway inside my mother’s wardrobe? I feel great

  • Aby7799
    Aby7799   3 months ago

    If you want to kill the evil for good, make a Hollywood (English)version of the movie.

  • AlphaHunter
    AlphaHunter   4 months ago

    The thing that's bothering me is that the seasoned veteran paranormal investigator that only takes cases where they judge that there is enough proof (whether that be recordings, paperwork, or straight up murders) died so easily.

  • Sadete Shala
    Sadete Shala   4 months ago

    To much hype for this movie. Not dat good…