I Performed Insane Experiments on Bonnie in BONEWORKS VR!

  • Published on: 12 January 2022
  • Welcome back to BONEWORKS VR! Today's test subject is Bonnie! While performing insane experiments on him, Glitchtrap decided to be a menace and ruin everything.
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    Big thank you to the Super Fans!
    Old_Gamer Lady
    ♥︎ c o w
    Nicole Jernigan-Robinson
    Ian Sharlow
    Kiya Vasear
    Melissa unboxing
    Ken Kaneki
    Goochie lea

    Mods used:
    Custom FNaF mods by @DarkSwitchPro
    Glitchtrap Player Model by @Oragani
    Syringe mod by TrevTV
    Rainbow Katana
    Gravity Hammer
    Playground map by Lirf

    Playing BONEWORKS:

    #boneworks #fnaf #vr
  • Runtime : 14:16
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  • Baby Bung
    Baby Bung   1 hours ago

    all weird moments:3:326:2011:58

  • Kitsune_wish YT
    Kitsune_wish YT   1 hours ago

    Why is glitch trap acting so human? Like he’s another person in the game 🤨🤨

  • tiky
    tiky   3 hours ago

    Dat multiplayer?

  • Minas
    Minas   3 hours ago

    Hi jeaire hope ur having a great day today same for the guy/girl that is reading this 😊

  • EmmyPlayz
    EmmyPlayz   5 hours ago

    Glitchtrap is my favourite we need more glitchtrap videos

  • Ibo Sec
    Ibo Sec   10 hours ago

    If u Attack A NPC or A Player, then they will Punch n Kick.

  • Zachthe Yt
    Zachthe Yt   13 hours ago

    Bonnie is genderless in my book.

  • Angelo Calugan
    Angelo Calugan   15 hours ago

    “Its not a mistake its a masterpiece”“Its not ok to be okeh”

  • Abe Molina
    Abe Molina   18 hours ago

    Nobody:Robloxians reseting themselves: 0:05

  • miko foin
    miko foin   19 hours ago

    I'm just laughing so hard at what glitchtrap is doing

  • mrOp Ninja real
    mrOp Ninja real   19 hours ago

    If you can do toy chica don’t question it but if you can do it

  • Game Stuff
    Game Stuff   19 hours ago

    You should pay glitchtrap 87 dollars

  • Sean Cronin
    Sean Cronin   21 hours ago

    Treat people how you wanna be treated

  • Wyatt Hodges
    Wyatt Hodges   23 hours ago

    2:17 glichtrap wanting to take over herbe like