Eating Food In The Shower - NSP

  • Published on: 16 February 2017
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    Written by Ninja Sex Party (Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht)
    Performed by Ninja Sex Party and TWRP

    Pulp Suicide: The Girl
    Zan Alda: The Waiter
    Mariachi Band: Evan McGee, Arin Hanson, Barry Kramer
    Harpist: Victoria Paege
    Bunch of Friends: Mark Fischbach, Matt Waston, Ryan Magee
    Taco: Kati Schwartz

    Director: Sean Barrett
    Producer: Svetlana Dekic
    Co-Producer: Dana Kurth
    Editor: Kelly Lyon
    Production Coordinator: Sarah Williams
    Director of Photography: Gordon Yould
    1st AC: Bryant Swanstrom, Brooks Burgoon
    Gaffers/Grips: Seth Naugke, Brooks Burgoon, Zach Groll, Ryan Hogue
    Makeup: Taja Davis
    Wardrobe: Sarah Williams
    Set Dresser: Dillan Harris
    Set Photographer: David Noe
    Craft: Tyler Mumper
    PAs: Vladimir Maksic, Kati Schwartz


    Babe, you know I love you, but it's hard to find time to spend together. You've got your career. I've got, my…uh I do stuff. But I'll find a way to work this out. Let's GET IT ON!

    I'm a busy guy, and you're a busy woman
    Every day you wake up for work at the crack of nine
    Then we gotta choose between morning sex and breakfast
    God knows we need both but there just ain't no time

    But I've found a way to get the most out of our day
    I prepared you this buffet
    So grab a tray, take off your clothes
    And follow me

    Let's eat our food in the shower
    Just look at the time we've saved
    Nothing unlocks a meal's flavor potential
    Like turning up a faucet head from pulse to spray

    We're eating food in the shower
    Ain't this romantic, it's just like rain
    Although I've definitely had crispier toast in my life
    And there's a huge amount of bacon
    Collecting in your drain Wooo!

    That's right, girl. Don't things taste better when we're naked?
    I gotta tell you I - whoops.
    Sorry I'll get that, that was...
    WHOA Whoa whoa. Sorry sorry sorry. Sorry, that was me.

    Now it's later at night, and the mood is right for lovin
    It's our 3 day anniversary, let's celebrate
    Reservation for two at a candlelight dinner
    Right inside your own bathroom, what a convenient date!

    Sit down at the tub-shaped table
    Give your order to the waiter
    And hold my pruney hand
    I also hired a harpist and mariachi band (mi amor!)

    Eating food in the shower
    But just between us I don't deny
    All the drinks are watered down, there's shampoo in my tacos
    Also I asked a bunch of friends if they would like to stop by (hi!)

    We're eating food in the shower
    This is the pinnacle of your year
    The night is only getting better as we get wetter and wetter
    Hey is this mayo or conditioner I have no idea

    Man, it's getting crowded in here. Let's towel off. Oh God, the Mariachi band!!!
  • Runtime : 2:22
  • Music Comedy Gaming Ninja Sex Party Game Grumps Pulp Suicide


  • ThatDudeWithBoobs
    ThatDudeWithBoobs   1 days ago

    I was already cackling at Arin and Barry BUT THEN UP POPS MARK AND I'M ON THE FUCKING FLOOR

  • Tyler Nilson
    Tyler Nilson   4 weeks ago

    out of all the superpowers in the world i want dannys ability to turn into a stuffed mannequin to avoid damage

  • Based for Life
    Based for Life   1 months ago

    It was revealed that she wore a nude colored bikini for the video, Barry did not.

  • Shmuel Newmark
    Shmuel Newmark   1 months ago

    Why does she have A Clockwork Orange tattoo? Like it was a good book, but who's that passionate about it?

  • bluefalcon04
    bluefalcon04   2 months ago

    The Chaotic clusterfuck that is the last 10 seconds of the song is comic gold!

  • Sage McGlone
    Sage McGlone   2 months ago

    I’d kill for a man like Dan to take me on a shower date omg

  • pizza boss
    pizza boss   2 months ago

    Why did it take me this long to find this?

  • Wertherisdead
    Wertherisdead   2 months ago

    1:39 giving me Game of Thrones flashbacks...

  • JD Redneck
    JD Redneck   2 months ago

    I saw one song and I couldn’t help but watch another

  • zyphon551
    zyphon551   3 months ago

    Creativity is one hell of a drug

  • finalunusedname
    finalunusedname   3 months ago

    Is there an uncensored versionof just that happy anniversary card?

  • Jekadu
    Jekadu   3 months ago

    I love the scheduling problem that's suggested by this song. Let's say you want to do three things during your morning:1) Shower2) Have sex3) Eat breakfastYou only have time for two of those things, however, so you're gonna have to get clever and multitask by combining two of them. Let's run through the possibilities:1 & 2) Shower and have sex2 & 3) Have sex and eat breakfast1 & 3) Eating breakfast in the showerThe first option is hot, the second is kinky, and the third is what they settled on.

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D   3 months ago

    I almost forgot to watch this today

  • Ava
    Ava   4 months ago

    Brian killing off everyone at the end came off funnier than it should because I haven’t watched an NSP video in ages.

  • Martin Atze Jensen
    Martin Atze Jensen   4 months ago

    Remember when Brain stabbed Mark in the shower? Yeah, weird times

  • Micah Revenant
    Micah Revenant   4 months ago

    My bisexuality clock is going haywire. Don't know if I'm more attracted to Danny or the girl with the Majora's Mask tattoo. 😳

  • Chris Rosa
    Chris Rosa   4 months ago

    Am I an idiot for not thinking they could’ve just had sex in the shower? Like I legitimately thought “Yeah there really isn’t any other way to solve this dilemma.”

  • MisterIdjit
    MisterIdjit   5 months ago

    That shit was a Godsdamned work of art. Also happy to see Markiplier living his best live in the shower.

  • NAOW Productions
    NAOW Productions   5 months ago

    Coming back to this and I just realized that when they start panicking, Matt jumps and spits a shit ton of water out onto everyone and I gotta say this is the rewatch quality we need

  • Military Pineapples
    Military Pineapples   5 months ago

    I just realized how even more absurd this premise is then at first, and that's because of the problem it is trying to solve.

  • Sparkina
    Sparkina   5 months ago

    Love the costumes in the bed scene! I want a nightie/teddy like that lady’s, and I would totes buy gift-wrap underwear (complete with bow) like Danny’s for my sweetheart (if I had one.)

  • Ya girl Henney
    Ya girl Henney   6 months ago

    This song is funny as hell, and I love the cameos in these classics

  • Bionic Ames
    Bionic Ames   6 months ago

    "This is the pinnacle of your year!"2020: nods furiously

  • Affa
    Affa   6 months ago

    This video is so much cooler now that I know who those guys are XD

  • Joshua Brunken
    Joshua Brunken   6 months ago

    Pulp Suicide needs to do more music video cameos

  • Heavy Sixty Four
    Heavy Sixty Four   6 months ago

    Bruv. The mariachi band, followed by Matt, Mark, and Ryan showing up half nude with shower caps, followed by Dan falling then mark getting stabbed. What the heck am I watching

  • Carli Cockrell
    Carli Cockrell   6 months ago

    I just accidentally called Markiplier "Markiplower" and now my husband has deemed that Mark's official name.

  • LDxgaming Loxl
    LDxgaming Loxl   6 months ago

    Didn't know Brian wore contacts until this video

  • Serenity2Witchs
    Serenity2Witchs   6 months ago

    Suggestion: Do not listen to this song a week before taking a test. When you're panicking, all you can think is the chorus of the song on loop.