FEAR STREET (2021) Trilogy Explained

  • Published on: 02 August 2021
  • #fearstreet #explained

    In the Fear Street trilogy, we follow a time hopping story all about a deadly curse that plagues the town of Shadyside. We're diving into everything about the movies, including breaking down the expansive story, what is truly behind the curse, how the killers work and explaining the ending along with how it adapts the original books that could clue us into the series going forward.

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  • Runtime : 46:51
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  • LilHeinz94
    LilHeinz94   1 days ago

    It sucks how many lame rip off channels popped up just to steal ur idea and use a robot voice. It honestly would be quite endearing if not for the fact that every one f the recap channels are doin it the most profitable least amount of effort content, some of the copy cat Chanel’s that just took ur whole thing, are all over the place and they mostly do it lazy as possible. None of them credit u either even tho it’s clear the idea was to just take ur content copy paste it to less known movies and use a robot to avoid anyone realizing that it’s some foreign group of peoples no do not care one single iota about making good content for their subs, they are looking for $$$ thats it. No soul no love or passion In their videos. You are the first and the greatest ! Keep it up FF

  • Dani K
    Dani K   2 days ago

    I think this trilogy was great, but Kate and Simon's death just ruined it for me a bit. They were so great and it was so unfair- It made me really not care about the main characters getting a happy ending. It was so frustrating since they risked everything to help Sam and Deena when they could have just drowned her I the beginning and she struggled for so long underwater which was annoying. Just seeing good people not get what they deserve is heartbreaking.

  • Nick L
    Nick L   3 days ago

    Disappointed by the lack of Britta darkest timeline comments. I mean this is exactly like the stuff the community came up with when trying to tell scary stories.

  • Eesti Mullet
    Eesti Mullet   5 days ago

    Went to sleep, woke up to this, had the strangest dream.

  • rave d
    rave d   1 weeks ago

    Explain The Mighty Boosh

  • Colby Woolsey
    Colby Woolsey   1 weeks ago

    Foundflix! We ever gonna get an Antichrist Explained?

  • Nera Hamzah
    Nera Hamzah   1 weeks ago

    I thought Deena was the reincarnation or a part of Sarah Fier's family tree... The last part was confusing....

  • demjay
    demjay   1 weeks ago

    What a piece woke garbage generally from Netflix. Only watched with friends so kinda forced watch most of it. I stepped as much as i can to smoke a joint.. the best part. Rest of it was evening of more indoctrinated gay, strong diverse colored female character. Definitely a pattern here with all movies nowadays.

  • why?
    why?   2 weeks ago

    40:10 my brain hit repeat

  • Matthew Volb
    Matthew Volb   2 weeks ago

    I'll give you a thumbs up for the effort this is a long fucking movie

  • UnPlugged Gaming
    UnPlugged Gaming   2 weeks ago

    You go girls!!! Yeah!!!Females are awesome and never do anything wrong!!Woohoo!!!!!

  • Matthew Volb
    Matthew Volb   2 weeks ago

    I'm sorry when I hear Sunnyvale I think of the Trailer Park Boys

  • Matthew Volb
    Matthew Volb   2 weeks ago

    If somebody dumped a bucket of cockroaches on me I would turn into a murderer

  • Von Diesel 37
    Von Diesel 37   2 weeks ago

    Months later, the bread slicer is still one of the most shocking and gruesome deaths I've seen in the last decade of horror. The tone and then the death, reminds me of the child shooting themselves in the face in planet terror. Totally unnecessary and unexpected. Fucking awesome, in a series I expected nothing of. Then in the sequel, a dude hacks up a cabin of 10 year olds. I want this series to continue like a mother fucker.

  • nebuchadnezzar
    nebuchadnezzar   2 weeks ago

    Man I fell in love with Cindy watching these movies 💀

  • Jake Knapp
    Jake Knapp   3 weeks ago

    For each movies but for the two in 1978 how old are the characters then and even now is some would be alive even 1994 how old are they then even now for the 90s I think they were born in the mid late 70s grew up in the 80s but what are the characters ages first off for 94 and 78 and maybe 1666

  • Jake Knapp
    Jake Knapp   3 weeks ago

    Does anyone think fear street also reminds the movies of Friday the 13th or it or scream and others or not much

    PROMOTING WRLD   3 weeks ago

    Who hear in 2021 come back hear to watching this masterpiece are legend

    PROMOTING WRLD   3 weeks ago

    Who hear in 2021 come back hear to watching this masterpiece are legend

  • Molyka Lodge
    Molyka Lodge   1 months ago

    I will never trust Vatican or their brain wash toy boy

  • Sailor Polaris
    Sailor Polaris   1 months ago

    It would be cool if the person who took the book in the end wasn’t one of the Goodes but someone who wanted to take revenge on them by using their own curse against them.

  • Christopher Bardier
    Christopher Bardier   1 months ago

    The excuse for The Superman plot hole is sus. Donner would have known how that scene would be interpreted. In all fairness though, time travel is its own plot hole.

  • SilvaraSapphireflame
    SilvaraSapphireflame   1 months ago

    Books were soooo much better, the series was ok as its own thing but too woke. I wish they had did a more true to book series

  • Moon Star
    Moon Star   1 months ago

    All the killers are immortal because of the curse.

  • lizthegrace
    lizthegrace   1 months ago

    13:16 hate to be that guy but that’s a bread slicer

  • Jari Gustafsson
    Jari Gustafsson   1 months ago

    Young or kids show???Well this felt way more gore then the new Halloween movies i really didn't felt it was at all for kids.The meat slicer, slicing someones head.

  • Jari Gustafsson
    Jari Gustafsson   1 months ago

    It was pretty obvious in the first minute that something fishy was going on if one village gets all the luck and accidents and deaths only happen in the neighbouring village. And if the leadership has been going down with one certain family who is behind it.

  • Biscuitz 052
    Biscuitz 052   1 months ago

    Guys pls how can I block this guy`s channel?

  • Funmi A
    Funmi A   1 months ago

    Martin took the book. He now knows the truth and that it's all real. I bet he's got BIG plans...maybe even a discman!!

  • Ricky St. Louis
    Ricky St. Louis   1 months ago

    🎶 Gonna be a big night in the forest, drinkin apple jack and eating magic berries. 🎶

  • Stink Bug
    Stink Bug   1 months ago

    I think you messed up an edit at 40:08, you repeat the same line twice.

  • Gerythion Argarys
    Gerythion Argarys   1 months ago

    I don't remember the Fear Street books being this bad, but maybe they were.

  • semaj
    semaj   1 months ago

    i love how they made it into 3 movies instead of a series. imagine waiting for the seasons to come out

    TOEQIEM   1 months ago

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