What Cancellations Hit the Hardest? | SJU

  • Published on: 05 June 2019
  • A slew of shows were recently cancelled by their respective networks, we react and talk the cancelled shows that hit us the hardest! (plus a Fred Durst has actually directed a lot of stuff) - it's SJ Universe!
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    What Cancellations Hit the Hardest? | SJU
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  • Fandom Entertainment
    Fandom Entertainment   2 years ago

    Which show of all the shows in TV history would you bring back from being canceled?Make sure to check out the return of Honest Game Trailers (from the same creative team from Smosh Games and Screen Junkies) on our new sister channel Fandom Games. Featuring a rotating cast of voices to give greater variety to the trailers. Check back every Tuesday for a brand new Honest Game Trailer at 10AM Pacific.02:08 - Recently Cancelled Shows Announced15:00 - What Cancelled Shows Hit the Hardest?/Bring Back Shows Campaigns38:19 - Fred Durst/John Travolta MoviePOOL RULESOne: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate.Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated.Three: Don’t go looking for fights.Four: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

  • Kris B
    Kris B   2 years ago

    Seth Rogen/"Freaks & Geeks" is in the thumbnail, but I didn't hear it get a mention. Did I miss it ?Also: "Grosse Pointe" on The WB (now The CW) was an awesome Hollywood/industry-focused comedy/satire that only lasted one season or a half season (it got a DVD release, though, surprisingly, and I sure bought it!). It had a great, fun, attractive cast...most of whom I don't see in ANYTHING these days. Kyle Howard shows up occasionally. Some of the female cast members were standouts. Al Santos was stunning, but after this show and one movie, he kinda disappeared ? Or he wasn't all that interested in acting in the first place.

  • Tom Clean
    Tom Clean   2 years ago

    Happy! cancel!?!Whay, that's s*it crazy show!

  • J D
    J D   2 years ago

    Better off ted and pushing daisies

  • Imagine Kudryavka
    Imagine Kudryavka   2 years ago

    A Finnish version of that reality show The Mole came out only a year or two ago. I don't own a TV but I learn about all the latest shows through my mom whenever I visit her (although less and less every time because she too has moved on to various streaming sites). Although I never saw the show myself, the premise of The Mole is admittedly interesting. I didn't know the original was so old, which makes me wonder why it got to Finnish TV so late.

  • EGA83
    EGA83   2 years ago

    Sense8 was an awesome show. Netflix canceled it I canceled Netflix. Dark Matter had a weak 3d season but still a good show worth watching. Crusade Mind boggling that this didn't continue. The story and acting were amazing. FlashForward was a good show. Well received also.

  • EGA83
    EGA83   2 years ago

    No more Chris Evans as Captain America. Not exactly the question but this one hurts. So many great stories they could have done.

  • bwtv147
    bwtv147   2 years ago

    Benny Hill. Yes, I know he died after being cancelled, but there are other comics who could pull that show off if the PC police could be held at bay.

  • Gavin Smiley
    Gavin Smiley   2 years ago

    The best use of the slow sad Harlem Globetrotters theme was in Futurama, really the best use of the Globetrotters in general was Futurama.

  • Andrew J
    Andrew J   2 years ago

    Short running cancellations:Marco Polo. Angel. Firefly. Stargate Universe. Dollhouse.Longer running cancellations:- Star Wars Rebels (don’t think they need to end this)- Stargate Atlantis (started going interesting places, then it was over)- Arrested Development (even though it still limps on, its not the same as the first 3 seasons)- Boston Legal (5 seasons is a good run, but from season 4 onwards the office starts feeling a lot emptier).- Castle (was long running, but felt like a storyline didn’t quite get closed up well at the end)- Burn Notice (such a fun show, but was hard to keep going where they took it... I guess thats what happens?)- Grimm (so much more they could have done)- Lucifer (they came up in the past few days saying season 5 is their final season - it already feels too soon!)- Arrow (not that it hasn’t had a good run, I just worry if this is going to flow on to crumble the ‘arrowverse’)I guess this just turned into a list of favourite shows that ended....

  • Thijs Rijkhoek
    Thijs Rijkhoek   2 years ago

    The mole in the netherlands: 'Wie is de mol' is actually one of the most popular tv series. It's been around for 19 seasons and it's a really good show! And MolTalk is actually what the aftershow (yes, it has an after show) is called in The Netherlands.

  • Joshua Lynch
    Joshua Lynch   2 years ago

    Yes, Danielle. Angel was the best and should have gone for 10 more years!

  • LaurenTheorist
    LaurenTheorist   2 years ago

    ABC had Lost and Pretty Little Liars. I like those two shows. 😂

  • shayna3
    shayna3   2 years ago

    Deadly class and Ap bio were amazing! So disaponting...

  • williestyle35
    williestyle35   2 years ago

    @DanielleRadford ,Caen is in northern France ( Normandy, happy D - Day ), the Film Festival is in Cannes ( southern France ).

  • Rogue North
    Rogue North   2 years ago

    Happy! is the one that hits me the hardest. It was the most compelling, brilliantly acted, vibrantly weird thing I've ever seen. Jeff Goldblum voiced God in the last episode of Season 2 for Christ sakes :p

  • Rubin4749
    Rubin4749   2 years ago

    I think the Travolta film is about a Scientology follower who goes insane when he can't find the local gay bar hangout.

  • *Dreamtube*
    *Dreamtube*   2 years ago

    You should bring back tv fights to one of the question could be what tv show should be rebooted or a remake.

  • thenextbigrapstar92
    thenextbigrapstar92   2 years ago


  • Thomas
    Thomas   2 years ago

    As for SyFy, don't trust them to know legacy if it bit them on the wallet.

  • Thomas
    Thomas   2 years ago

    I'll miss the Gifted.

  • C's In
    C's In   2 years ago

    The more I get to hear about Dan's likes, the more attracted to him I become. No disrespect to Dan or Mara, I just need to find my own “Dan”. Loved the Mole too, if there's ever a reboot, that's something I could get behind.

  • Wario29
    Wario29   2 years ago

    Cant believe you guys talked about The Mole. Idk how many Dutch people watch this, but that is the biggest tv show in The Netherlands. There even is a recap show Mol Talk.

  • ShutUpMeg
    ShutUpMeg   2 years ago

    You all admit you haven't seen The Ranch, and then proceed to say it's terrible and insult it. It's actually pretty good.

  • Resa Thomas
    Resa Thomas   2 years ago

    I'm pissed the gifted got canceled, I love Amy Acker!

  • Anushree Sharma
    Anushree Sharma   2 years ago

    Sense 8 definitely. The show about human acceptance and great actors from all over the world. Wow! This show is truly brilliantly edited. Cinematography is top notch. Real locations mind blowing...

  • Thom
    Thom   2 years ago

    The Mole is still one of the biggest tv shows here in Holland. Strange it didn't work in the US.

  • Ken Huff
    Ken Huff   2 years ago

    I don't know if it counts as a cancellation, but when Space: Above and Beyond didn't come back for a second season I was very upset.

  • Hardbody217
    Hardbody217   2 years ago

    Thumbs up for the Superman pimp impression!

  • EternalDensity
    EternalDensity   2 years ago

    Out of the listed recently cancelled shows (listed a couple of minutes into the video), the only one I watched is The Gifted (and I hadn't heard it was cancelled but it kinda makes sense since it was sorta part of the mutants-verse that's kinda getting wrapped up. Sorta sad cos I did enjoy some of the characters a fair amount). All the other shows I've never even heard of.I saw the first ep of Counterpart and it was sorta interesting but not enough to grab me. I feel like I'm a couple of decades too young to relate.

  • Hardbody217
    Hardbody217   2 years ago

    Carnivale, Pushing Daisies and Now & Again are three big genre shows I miss, but I'd like to give a shout-out to the amazing Homefront (1991-1993). Featuring a stellar ensemble cast (John Slattery, Kyle Chandler, Hattie Winston, Mimi Kennedy...many others), it was an entertaining look at post-WWII middle America.I'm still wondering if Jeff & Ginger made it work with his baseball career and her TV job. Did Linda find a balance between love & work? Will Charlie face consequences for converting to Judaism? Could Al & Anne move back to River Run after he's labelled a communist? Is the Davis' restaurant a success? Will the Sloan's be brought to justice? So many plot lines left to explore. Sadly missed and (I'm assuming due to music rights) not available on home media.

  • Romy
    Romy   2 years ago

    I really liked "Selfie." :'(

  • Haldurson
    Haldurson   2 years ago

    Both Deadly Class and AP Bio were decent. But I'm not crying over the loss of either of them. AP Bio I think had a lot of wasted potential -- there were like two big jokes in the whole show that they kept doing different variations of, and that grated on me. I love Patton Oswalt in it, and for that reason alone, it was watchable. But it was filled with annoying stereotypes instead of fleshed-out characters. And I really disliked the star of the show -- particularly his delivery of his lines, which weren't as funny as I think the writers thought they were. But yeah, Patton Oswalt was great.On the other hand, I love Jessica Jones first season (liked but didn't love the second season). That, and Daredevil and to a lesser extent, Punisher should have kept going until Marvel pulled the plug.