The Decision - NSP

  • Published on: 14 December 2009
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    Ninja Sex Party (Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian)

    Special guests:

    Julie Katz
    Mookie Thompson

    and Princess Tinkles as herself.

    Directed by Jim Turner
    Produced by Ninja Sex Party and Jim Turner
    Production Assistants: Mark Peterson and Flynn Hundhausen


    You're probably thinking to yourself
    "Ninja Sex Party, you're awesome!"
    We know
    But thank you anyway

    You're having trouble deciding
    Which one of us to have sex with
    That's natural
    But nice of you to say

    Well maybe I can help you out
    Clear up all of your confusing doubts
    Do you want sex with a ninja
    Or sex with a guy like me

    The choice should be so obvious (Dan)
    And although he is mysterious (Brian)
    Don't you want a man who's tall who's name is Dan
    And is Jewish

    One other thing...

    Everyone in the band has an STD
    Except for me
    By the process of elimination
    You can make determinations
    On who just that might be

    It's Brian
    Brian has an STD

    ...i'm sorry.
  • Runtime : 2:22
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  • Lulu Sobel
    Lulu Sobel   2 weeks ago

    I'm having trouble making a decision so I came here.

  • Josie Bishop
    Josie Bishop   1 months ago

    🎼🎵🎶"It's Brian, Brian has an STD"🎼🎵🎶."I'm sorry".Brian: You 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 will be, you 🤬🤬🤬 🤬🤬 🤬 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬!".🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • CiderDivider
    CiderDivider   1 months ago

    This still holds up let's be honest with ourselves

  • RunningFL4SH
    RunningFL4SH   1 months ago

    Ah the classic boots cats boots cats boots cats

  • Daniel Rios
    Daniel Rios   2 months ago

    It's nice but I think that's dungeon explore as the main rift

  • WeebDegenerate
    WeebDegenerate   2 months ago

    No I think Brian has a PhD, you got it wrong Dan. You’re thinking of an std which is a sexually transmitted disease. A PhD, which is what Brian has, is short for Doctor of Philosophy.

  • Phoebe Something
    Phoebe Something   3 months ago

    First time I ever paused to read the character sheets. Good to know the colonists brought Ninjatown over to the New World. That's how we got Tokyo NJ right? Also New Jersey is a state now. Thanks again for changing the course of European history Danny

  • Spear Pig
    Spear Pig   3 months ago

    I remember when this first came out. Still love it!

  • Robert Griffith
    Robert Griffith   3 months ago

    Haha you can see all the people in the background in the mirror at the end. I wont say who exactly. You will just have to watch it again.

  • Talia Dixon
    Talia Dixon   4 months ago


  • Jael H. Velez
    Jael H. Velez   4 months ago

    Guys, what a great Acoustic Show last night!

  • Newdgamer
    Newdgamer   5 months ago

    Their original music is so much better than the covers

  • Subject117m
    Subject117m   5 months ago

    lol Considering today's events, this song has been in my head.

  • TotalTea
    TotalTea   6 months ago

    The question on wether that bike is a 125cc or 250cc will forever haunt me

  • John Wehrle
    John Wehrle   6 months ago

    Ninja Brian is from Tokyo. Tokyo, New Jersey honestly Ninja Brian is like most men from Jersey

  • Adrián D.
    Adrián D.   6 months ago

    this looks like the opening of a comedy series, it would be awesome

  • JadinIsWeird
    JadinIsWeird   6 months ago

    I love watching these videos and remembering one of these people has a phd.

  • Pharaoh Misa
    Pharaoh Misa   6 months ago

    I want him even more that I know he's Jewish!

  • daegubaby
    daegubaby   7 months ago

    Brian wearing a mask correctly, I see.

  • Luke
    Luke   7 months ago

    NSP 4 LIFE

  • gasjebasje95
    gasjebasje95   7 months ago

    I know he's supposed to play the part of someone who doesn't know how dumb he sounds, but "Do you want sex with a ninja, or sex with a guy like me?" is legit a very couragous and awesome pick-up line. He's confident, he's going all in, he's taking a risk. THAT'S a man.

  • he4rt5
    he4rt5   8 months ago

    that gun is made of ducttape

  • I am Satire
    I am Satire   8 months ago

    Can we appreciate the detail in their bios at the beginning? If I ever met Danny I’m going to call him Danimal

  • Miwu
    Miwu   8 months ago

    I like the little sound effect on Brian stomping on Dan at the end.

  • TyphoonCheese
    TyphoonCheese   8 months ago

    Its great how 10 years later they are still making gems like this

  • Sjoemi1
    Sjoemi1   9 months ago

    #1 played song on my Spotify account this year :D Followed by Rush's Subdivisions :D Proud to be one of your top 3% listeners:)

  • Lydia Young
    Lydia Young   9 months ago

    this video is as old as my sister....

  • Devon Conn
    Devon Conn   9 months ago

    Ah yes... back when they were good.

  • shane
    shane   9 months ago

    I love that they still use that dummy of Danny to this day