*NEW* HAND vs FOOT Mod in Among Us

  • Published on: 21 June 2021
  • We add a HAND vs FOOT Imposter mod in Among us!

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  • Runtime : 15:15


  • RoPoV
    RoPoV   2 hours ago

    It turned black. I was lying.

  • Troller EU
    Troller EU   4 hours ago

    My like button are now white and im not lying

  • Jay Jumper
    Jay Jumper   11 hours ago

    Ssundee:The Hands job is so save the city, The Foots job is to kick the cityMe:uh wut

  • DjDeadMist 27
    DjDeadMist 27   13 hours ago

    Ian: if you have a hand or a foot hit the like buttonMe: wait even if you dont have hands how can you even like?

  • Lore 64
    Lore 64   14 hours ago

    When the like button doesn’t turn blue: 👁👄👁

  • McPie
    McPie   21 hours ago

    A blanket role the can use it to go invis and flatten people and sufacate them

  • Banana Monkey
    Banana Monkey   22 hours ago

    Ssundee: If you have a hand or a foot Hit that like buttonMe: HOW DOSE HE KNOW I HAVE A FOOT AND, A HAND??!???

  • King Cam
    King Cam   1 days ago

    I don’t have hands or feet I got stubs with little stubs on them

  • black city
    black city   1 days ago

    If you have a foot and a arm click the like buton pov:pepole whith no legs /arms :( i cant click the like buton then

  • mizz eka
    mizz eka   1 days ago

    it wll trend blue what ssss bye bye sus x_x

  • Ярик Roblox
    Ярик Roblox   1 days ago

    I only have 2 hands and 2 feets not 1 hand and 1 foot

  • Aceking
    Aceking   1 days ago


  • Aaa ddd eee lll eee
    Aaa ddd eee lll eee   1 days ago

    My like button turns white!😢😔 Does that mean I have no hands and feet?

  • Remko Liu
    Remko Liu   1 days ago

    Ian/SSundee: if you have a hand or a foot, hit the like buttonMy friend next to me: but i'm disabled, i don't have a hand or foot, but i have a wheelchairMe: O_o

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous   1 days ago

    SSundee: If you have a hand or a foot hit the like button down below 😁Me: And I took that personally *Challenges myself by placing my phone down on the floor by putting my phone in between both of my foots and setting down and using meee big toe to press the like button *

  • Toca dogs
    Toca dogs   1 days ago

    Oof the like didn’t turn blue😳

  • Elijah Smith
    Elijah Smith   1 days ago

    I guess i don’t have hands or feet because when i hit the like button it turned white😂🤣😂

  • vell ur cousin
    vell ur cousin   1 days ago

    I think the people click dislike dont have arm and leg. Dont be serious im only joking

  • rksherlock
    rksherlock   2 days ago

    I don’t have a hand or a foot. Jk I’m still liking :)