Police searching van located at home of parents to missing woman's boyfriend

  • Published on: 13 September 2021
  • Gabrielle Petito and her boyfriend went on a cross-country trip in a converted camper van, but Gabby's mom says she lost contact with her daughter around August 25.

    Gabby's mother reported her daughter missing September 11 and North Port Police said that's when they found the camper van parked at the boyfriend's parents' house in Sarasota County, Florida.

    Now multiple agencies from Florida to New York to the FBI are trying to figure out what happened to Gabby, who was posting about her trip on social media and Youtube before she disappeared.

    Story: https://www.fox13news.com/news/north-port-pd-find-van-used-by-missing-woman-boyfriend-on-cross-country-trip

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  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey   45 seconds ago

    Maybe they had an argument and she left and went to a hotel and just trying to get over it without contact hopefully she will call her mom

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey   4 minuts ago

    I fear for the worst

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey   5 minuts ago

    Put the boyfriend on a lie detector test

  • Sara xDouglas
    Sara xDouglas   39 minuts ago

    Can you imagine being his parents.....I'm sorry but I would NOT let my son stay at my house unless he told me what he had done with his fiance......then get attorney.

  • Sara xDouglas
    Sara xDouglas   42 minuts ago

    Whoever comes in contact with Brian put on the heat and ask him where's Gabby!?!

  • Roza Lwingo
    Roza Lwingo   1 hours ago

    He already have a Lawyer why you have a lawyer if you are Innocent?

  • Patti Hainline
    Patti Hainline   4 hours ago

    They may even be able to figure out where the last place they were! As some soil is not comon!

  • Joe Greene
    Joe Greene   4 hours ago

    Really, stop giving the parents false hope. She would not willingly run off and break off contact with her family. This case has domestic violence and homicide written all over it.

  • Dahra Brofford
    Dahra Brofford   6 hours ago

    I know I’m not alone in this and I hate to say it but we know she’s dead. Police report… sure it was domestic.

  • watch it
    watch it   6 hours ago

    Well if he did not know where she was he would be going crazy looking for her ! What did he do ! We all know he did something to her !

  • Sour Apple
    Sour Apple   7 hours ago

    I hope she's alive but I think we all kno

  • Mario
    Mario   7 hours ago

    No one saying anything anything about the boyfriend boyfriend comes home casual and no one’s asking him anything. He’s been like protected like he’s the president or something this is ridiculous. No news people are mentioning the boyfriend at all.

    BRAVO BULLZ   7 hours ago

    Rip Norm McDonald Anyone every hear the “Janice” skit Go listen

  • P Nay
    P Nay   8 hours ago

    Boyfriend took the "tell me you murdered someone without telling me you murdered someone" challenge literally..

  • Tadda Baltazar
    Tadda Baltazar   8 hours ago

    She looks like the kind of female to run from. We need laws to protect men from these kind of women.

  • Code Breaker
    Code Breaker   8 hours ago

    I’ll save you time and money, hint… it’s the fiancé.

  • RgnK.L117
    RgnK.L117   8 hours ago

    Her bf is complicit of her going “missing” there’s no question about it. Why would anyone leave their love in another state and come back without them? He’s digging his own grave, and eventually her family will receive justice. You don’t need to be a police officer to know that something isn’t right with this case.

  • Keanu Phipps
    Keanu Phipps   9 hours ago

    We all know where this is going. I feel horrible for the girl and family I am so tired of all this horror. I never have peace because I have 2 sons, and I pray everyday to God to keep them safe. I am literally crying for this girl

  • Juarez J
    Juarez J   9 hours ago

    If she is dead. I'm sure they'll add it to the covids deaths .

  • Dama Tove
    Dama Tove   10 hours ago


  • David Kirby
    David Kirby   10 hours ago

    This guy just really gives off Chris Watts vibes.

  • Erin Clark
    Erin Clark   10 hours ago

    They were in Moab the same time those two other girls were killed. That’s also the last day Petito’s mom spoke to her on the phone. If you look at the last Instagram post, it’s as if she didn’t post it. It’s early for Halloween, and the last photo is all blurry and strange, and in a different location.

  • Almighty 5
    Almighty 5   10 hours ago

    This is so sad she was so beautiful and young my only wish is that she comes home to her parents soon

  • Ivory Coast
    Ivory Coast   10 hours ago

    dosent take a rocket scientist to see.......boyfriend GUILTY ? in some way ?

  • Jackie
    Jackie   10 hours ago

    That looks like the van someone shared in a video where some lady was heard screaming!! I cant remember where I saw that recently or where it was! Wow. It was on YouTube. I pray for her safety. They did call the police in the video and report it.

  • Merville Holton
    Merville Holton   10 hours ago

    Dudes not looking for her, he already knows her fate. Drug the son of a bitch and get it out of him while she may still be alive.

  • Sylvia Rivas
    Sylvia Rivas   10 hours ago

    God make this jerk tell where he bury her

  • gamr
    gamr   11 hours ago

    White folks get away with everything! What more can you say about " Affluenza " and keep a steady eye on the lack of police involvement!

  • Turbrewski Rm TN
    Turbrewski Rm TN   11 hours ago

    As a dad i feel helpless for this family, my heart is broken me emotions are running wild against the “fiancé “ i just keep thinking what i would be doing right now if were one of my daughters and all i can say is its not good.

  • Peter Paulsen
    Peter Paulsen   11 hours ago

    She looks like a head case. Doesn’t look good for her