• Published on: 01 August 2021
  • We add an EVIL Doctor Imposter Mod in Among Us!

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    Mod Maker: @LoafX

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  • Runtime : 15:15


  • Emma Madsen
    Emma Madsen   11 hours ago

    I dont Know if i Have But i Give it a Like

  • Yeetblue!
    Yeetblue!   15 hours ago

    Sundee look like looking more sus he didint use the crobar

  • Mrmeerkat 184
    Mrmeerkat 184   1 days ago

    fun fact in my science test today we had to write something about a soccer player kicking a ball so i saidkinetic energy is transfered from said FOOT to the ball

  • inmla
    inmla   1 days ago

    Ssundee: I will give you enemas!All:ewMe: so you want to simulate the bowels?! EWWWWWWW( 4:50 )

  • Linda Taylor
    Linda Taylor   2 days ago

    The hockey man he can shoot the puck at A crewmate then do a hockey mini game

  • Saba Rathore
    Saba Rathore   4 days ago

    When ssundee was doing medbay he was doing his covid test.

  • HYPE ACE 24
    HYPE ACE 24   5 days ago

    The new saw movie looking a little sus

  • Error_Glitch
    Error_Glitch   1 weeks ago

    “Amberw spit out the Mountain Dew” But I was drinking Mountain Dew 😳

  • Jin Zhang
    Jin Zhang   1 weeks ago

    You’re dressed up as a doctor in among us, so you’re already a doctor.

  • Paisley
    Paisley   1 weeks ago

    I love your videos so much

  • Josh Arguedo
    Josh Arguedo   1 weeks ago

    if u pause at the right timing u see the unkown player its name is ???

  • AtomBomb Games
    AtomBomb Games   1 weeks ago

    Alternate title: Ssundee commits numerous counts of medical malpractice, and gets away with it

  • Alex Underhill
    Alex Underhill   1 weeks ago

    Anaesthesia - puts down a machine that makes them fall asleep which kills them - puts people on a surgery bed and it moves- puts a mask on and goes in visible - hook some one with a machine that makes them fall asleep which kills them - minigame gets them to get a machine ready

  • Jeanie Williams
    Jeanie Williams   1 weeks ago

    Imposter mod idea: LibrarianThe imposter can:- Throw books to stun the crew-mates.-Give a Crewmate a book, and if they have it for more than 20 seconds, they become sucked into the book.-Give them glasses to invert the crewmate’s controls-and a minigame to sort books. If a crewmate is in last place, the crewmate will be squished by bookshelves.This will be good!